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Projects All aspects of projects ProjectCare. Project steps 1.Desk research (Neh 1:2,3) 2.Analysis of options (Neh 1:4-11) 3.Field research (Neh 2:11-16)

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Presentation on theme: "Projects All aspects of projects ProjectCare. Project steps 1.Desk research (Neh 1:2,3) 2.Analysis of options (Neh 1:4-11) 3.Field research (Neh 2:11-16)"— Presentation transcript:

1 Projects All aspects of projects ProjectCare

2 Project steps 1.Desk research (Neh 1:2,3) 2.Analysis of options (Neh 1:4-11) 3.Field research (Neh 2:11-16) 4.Baseline (Neh 2: 17) 5.Project proposal (Neh 2:17-20) 6.Project implementation (Neh 3-7) 7.Project supervising (Neh 3-7) 8.Evaluation & recommendations (Neh 7-13) ProjectCare Download articles of Nehemiah from: egory&id=7%3Adownloads-applied-research&Itemid=7

3 Purpose project proposal (1) The purpose of a project proposal is to make your project better, more efficient, less risky, better control, etc. The second purpose can be to get money from a sponsor MAKE ALWAYS A PROJECT PROPOSAL ProjectCare

4 Workers: everebody knows what they have to do Strategic: why this project, motives Finance: to make and control a budget Communication: increase Time management: under control Transparancy: increase of accountability Result: the outcome of implementing of the project Marketing: value of the project in the market Sponsor: fit this project in the rules of a sponsor Etc Purpose project proposal (2) ProjectCare

5 Baseline Baseline analysis at beginning of project Not only for sponsor Use the information within the projects Use the information to make evaluation ProjectCare

6 Project composition Initia- tion Determi nation Preparati on Execution Termi- nation Sub-projects ProjectCare

7 Project - Initiation ActivitiesKeywords Problem identification Prioritizing problems Literature / Desk research Research Analysis ProjectCare

8 Project – Determination / feasibility ActivitiesKeywords Sufficient information Effects Resources Documents Approaches Conditions sponsor Field research Research Who, what, where, when, how ProjectCare

9 Project - Preparation ActivitiesKeywords Local law, licenses Management plan Financial plan Quality plan Risk plan Dealing with situation Deadlines Cooperation Communication Project team (organization) Project leader Check culture (ethics) Partners Tests Research Effectiveness Value ProjectCare

10 Project - Execution ActivitiesKeywords Delegating tasks Delegating responsibilities Monitor & control Managing Activities Resources Finances Organization Results Situation Personnel Continuing Research Decisions ProjectCare

11 Project –Termination and Evaluation ActivitiesKeywords Close administration Improvement Reports (e.g. accountability to sponsor) Inform Evaluate Process Effect (control group) Research ProjectCare

12 Sponsor How reliable is a project How reliable is projectleader (&team) Does this project fits in rules / conditions What risk is this project for sponsor Use their form/template if available Win / win Pay often a part ProjectCare

13 Research Insufficient data – Desk and field research are important – Not everybody is a good researcher – Not everybody can learn to be a researcher (just as not everybody can be a comedian or pianist)** – Next to learning, coaching is important Adequate skills – Not everybody has the skills for every project ProjectCare

14 Qualitifications of researcher Advanced analytical skills Loves details Creative Patience Diplomacy and sensitivity Initiative and problem solving skills Acknowledging that he knows very little and there is so much to learn Non-judgmental open-hearted attitude ProjectCare

15 Activities ProjectCare Research (desk&field) Analysis Statistical analysis (SPSS) Proposal writing and grant solicitation Project planning Support logistics Implementation Pioneering Strategy Development Monitoring Assessment Evaluation Business planning Training / coaching in applied research Intermediary for sponsor ProjectCare Just like MemberCare is for all kind of aspects for members, I want to introduce ProjectCare for all kind of aspects of projects.

16 Recommendations I have been carrying out mission-related research for many years. I value my recent partnership with Dick Slikker, extending the amount of projects I can complete and enhancing the quality of the work accomplished. Dick offers a combination of excellent technical research skills with a sense for what is important in mission in general and specifically for the organizations he is serving. David Greenlee, PhD International Research Associate, Operation Mobilisation Serving as a leader in a Christian ministry? Filled with good ideas? But you do not have enough staff that can set up projects thoroughly? Then ProjectCare is your answer. At least, that is our experience in Healthcare Christian Fellowship International. Dick Slikker is an experienced project manager who respects our organizational culture and who is able to fully involve our national partners in the whole process of developing a project from scratch. On top of that, he is able to gather strategic information that is very helpful for our global planning processes. Shalom Chris Steyn, Director HCF International Dick Slikkers vast experience in the world of missions, his technical prowess, his knowledge of leadership processes, and his unflinching eye to see greater efficiencies and strategic gains, has been invaluable to my work as head of international strategy in my organization. Dr. Ronald Boyd-MacMillan Chief Strategy Officer, Open Doors International. Dick Slikker has proven to be a servant of God, serving people in our team with his vast experience in launching and managing projects in different countries and cultures. We especially appreciate his supportive and encouraging attitude, whilst asking the right questions to help avoid too many disappointments. We wholeheartedly recommend him. Rev. Gilbert Lammerts van Bueren General Director Near East Ministry

17 ProjectCare

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