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By : Esther Yáñez Piña & Verónica Muñoz Martínez.

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1 By : Esther Yáñez Piña & Verónica Muñoz Martínez

2 1.How to live a Healthy life ? 2.Types of food 3.Did you know about… 4.Advices 5.Food Habits 6.Diseases Caused by Poor Nutrition

3 1.1 Active lifestyle Stay in your house doing nothing is not a good habit. To have an active life you must do sport.

4 1.3 Dont Smoke !

5 1.4 Hold a balanced weight The body mass index (BMI)

6 2. What is food ?

7 2. ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS : o Carbohydrates: o Fat:

8 o Proteins : o Vitamins : 2.2 Essential nutrients :

9 2.2 Essential nutrients Minerals:

10 2.2 Essential nutrients Fibre:



13 Avoid eating... Chew the food … Eat a lot of … Soft drinks have …

14 Do sport … Before you go to school you must… Milk products must be in our lives … Dont forget to drink over …

15 COMPLETE BREAKFAST : - A glass of milk or cereals with milk. - 3 pieces of fruit - Toasts with oil. - Biscuits or a piece of cake. - Orange juice.

16 HEALTHY LUNCH: Lunch is essential, and one of the most important meals of the day, with a reasonable quantity of food, more than breakfast, or dinner. For a healthy lunch, we need all types of healthy food, it requires 2 dishes of food and a dessert. The first dish will include a salad, or vegetables The second dish will include meat, fish, pasta, or similar. The dessert will include 3 pieces of fruit and/or one natural yoghourt.


18 Diabetes Anemia

19 Anorexia Bulimia

20 Live a healthy life : Eat properly using our food habits Do sport Follow our advices Use our curiosities in your diary life. Look about the diseases FEEL GOOD WITH YOU AND YOUR BODY !

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