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The man - not the CMU file system

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1 The man - not the CMU file system
Leeds Before Andrew The man - not the CMU file system

2 1957 A truly vintage year

3 Six Universities purchase computers

4 Born in1957 European Union Scalextrics British Computer Society

5 Lyons Corner House 1957 ?? Developed LEO computers
first business use of computers - worldwide The only Lyons Corner House outside the London area was in Leeds

6 Seymour Cray and CDC Control Data Corporation was founded by William C. Morris and a group of engineers (amongst whom Seymour Cray) from Sperry Rand ECMWF CRAY-1

7 Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)
founded by Ken Olsen and Harlan Anderson. PDP-1 computer

8 FORTRAN-1 is formally published
John Backus led the IBM team

9 From the History of Computing Project website
Verbatim: “A first attempt to immitatie human intelligence in a simulacron is attempted by Herbert.” No further explanation is offered

10 Milestones in Leeds

11 1957 Electronic Computing Laboratory

12 1957 Pegasus installed in Eldon Chapel Known as Lucifer

13 Operators’ Manual for Pegasus

14 Useful operating instructions

15 KDF9 1962? KDF9 installed in Eldon Chapel 1965 Flowers Report
1966 KDF9 upgraded and moved to Computer Block

16 1966 First Undergraduates (Combined Studies)

17 1968 Eldon2 service starts 192 Kbytes core store 6S cycle time
24 Mbytes hard disk - seek time 300 mS PDP-8 communications processor 32 teletype terminals response OK up to about 26 logged on users



20 ICL 1906A 1972 ICL1906A installed 1972 KDF9 switches to student role
George 3 (later George 4)


22 Milestones UCS / ISS 1979/12/29 Amdahl V7 with VM/CMS
1975 Wells report - JANET - 1984 JANET starts on 1st April 1984 upgrade to Amdahl 580 1990 UNIX - Sun, SG, HP 1990 PCs - DOS 1990s UCS/Admin DP merged to form ISS 1992 WWW

23 Students 1968 freshers - 40% female

24 More students 1968? % female over the 3 pictures

25 Students socialising

26 Students socialising

27 Recollections of Andrew
Not a shrinking violet Not lacking in confidence Not one to shirk a challenge Not afraid of the unconventional

28 Algol68 on 1906A World’s first Algol68 compiler
1970s saw rapid development in programming languages Perhaps the first Leeds undergraduate to explore the language

29 Final Year project on Analogue Computer
Perhaps the last Leeds undergraduate to work on the machine

30 Andrew J Herbert

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