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House Manager Solution French Knowledge, English Experience.

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2 House Manager Solution French Knowledge, English Experience

3 Sample of the latest project in London for a five private storage house, connected with a three storage cottage at the back. Family of seven Swimming pool & gym area Roof Terrace Lift Terrace

4 Brief Household description. Also type of materials use through out the house.

5 Staff Rotate & Daily Housekeepers Duties Important Area to Covert by HK & HK Annual Cost

6 Daily Tasks schedule The client I was working for, was very specific on certain areas to be maintain spotless. As the house was almost finished, the family just moved in, the principals took me for a walk around the house and pointed at me what they expected from the daily housekeepers. After taking notes I simply created a housekeeping daily schedule for the head housekeeper to help her covering every corner of the house.

7 Monthly House Expenses Some private household require monthly/annually expenses, or budget guidance. House Manager Solution can cover this aspect by implanting all the necessary excel documents into the house computer.

8 House Manager Client Profile Form I set my company to a high standard, and aim to respect every aspect of my clients small details. I learn my skills after listening, observing, working with old fashion professionals in the business, but also, and I am not a shame of, with failure. And thats the way I improve my skills, contacts, knowledge. Thats what I call attached to details

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