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Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy at BF Darrell

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1 Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy at BF Darrell

2 Campus: Mission, Vision and Motto
Mission: Develop young men into impactful leaders through the development of their intellectual, moral, physical, social and emotional skills for the global society of tomorrow. Vision: “The School of Today for Tomorrow’s Leaders” Motto: Believe. Achieve. Succeed. Campus: Mission, Vision and Motto

3 Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy at BF Darrell - Demographics

4 Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy at BF Darrell (MS) -Demographics

5 What does research say? Communication and Relationships Motivation
For males, conversation is the way you negotiate your status in the group and keep people from pushing you around… Activities, doing things together, are central. Just sitting and talking is not an essential part of friendship. They're friends with the boys they do things with" (Tannen 95) Motivation Boys don’t value pleasing adults but rather raising their status in the sight of other boys. (Sax 25) What does research say?

6 What is the BOMLA House System?
The BOMLA House System is a brotherhood within the Brotherhood that offers each BOMLA student an opportunity to motivate, compete and be accountable to his brothers. House of DECREE (Book) What is the BOMLA House System? House of EXPEDITION (Winged Foot) House of ALLIANCE (Handshake) House of JUSTICE (Scales)

7 How Does the House System benefit BOMLA?
Brotherhood/Fraternity Campus-wide discipline management system Intentional way to celebrate achievement Tool to introduce, guide and support campus initiatives Gives opportunity for real-world application of the BOMLA Creed Signature component of BOMLA culture Source of pride How Does the House System benefit BOMLA?

8 Instructional Strategies That Work
Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) Pre Advanced Placement (Pre AP) Advanced Placement (AP) Project Based Learning Infusion of Technology Single Gendered Strategies Instructional Strategies That Work

9 BOMLA Student Requirements
Application Requirements: 80 Grade Point Average 40% on ITBS, TAKS, or Readistep On-Site Math Assessment and Essay Finalist- campus level interview BOMLA Student Requirements

10 Student Expectations Required of all Students:
Digital Portfolios (MS and US) Three Semester Year (Summer Enrichment) Saturday Academy Community Service Mentor Attendance during designated College Tours and Fairs Participation in at least two extracurricular activities Attendance during designated Cultural Events Required Leadership Reading and Essay Profiling Leaders Uniforms: Navy Blue Blazer Gray Slacks Blue Oxford Shirt with Tie Student Expectations

11 Saturday Academy – Summer Session
Two Saturdays each Month (2nd and 4th) Leadership Development Field Experiences Academic Extension Community Service Princeton Review: SAT / ACT Prep Summer Campus and Sessions Academic Acceleration and Collegiate Partnerships Engineering Math and Science Medical STEM Solar Car Theater Arts Mandarin Orientation Band Leadership Saturday Academy – Summer Session

12 Field Experiences and International Travel
Foreign Language Department: -Taiwan, Italy and Costa Rica Field Experiences and International Travel

13 Campus Partnerships Aphorisms Uniform Support Recycling Project
Student Physicals Brotherhood Campus Partnerships

14 Established Academic / Community Partnerships
Academic Partnerships: Univ. of Texas at Dallas Southern Methodist University Univ. of North Texas at Dallas Univ. of Texas at Arlington Texas A&M – Commerce Paul Quinn College Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) Austin College Tarleton State Univ. Tzu Chi Univ. Univ. Crossroads Community Partnerships: Leadership Dallas United Crew Program Bridge Lacrosse Dallas First Tee Golf Program Dallas Urban Debate Alliance Future Leader’s Program Education is Freedom Tzu Chi State Farm Insurance Mentor Matcher Urban League – Young Professionals Cooper Institute Intellivol Trinity Audubon Veteran’s Hospital

15 Campus Accomplishments
2011 – 2012 1st Place (MS) Debate Team First Robotics Emmitt and Pat Smith Leadership Recipients 1st Place Math Olympiad Band Performances: - Perot Museum - Boy Scout’s Luncheon Lacrosse Team (4 – 6) Summer Transition Camp Speaker Series 2012 – 2013 100 Students attended the Inauguration City Champion - Debate All City Band (A & B) Choir UIL Sweepstakes Bobby Bragan Scholarship Recipient Daughters of the American Revolution Essay Winners (MS) Veterans of Foreign Wars Essay Winners (MS & HS) First Robotics - Finalists BEST Robotics - Band Performances - House of Blues - Perot Museum - Omni Hotel Campus Accomplishments

16 Community Service Efforts
Toy Drive – Buckner Children’s Home Habitat for Humanity Community Fair Trinity Audubon Recycling Project – Tzu Chi Robotics / STEM – H.I. Holland Nets for Africa – Basketball Challenge Can Food Drive – Carver Heights Bapt. Church Men Against Violence Rally Community Service Efforts

17 “It Takes a Village” Parents Matter
BOMLA has superior parent involvement. They support their child’s education, school events, activities and attend parent conferences. “It Takes a Village” Parents Matter

18 Friends of BOMLA’s focus is to close the funding gap between available school district funding and the ambitious and creative opportunities that students need and deserve. We focus on “friendraising” and fundraising for the enrichment of BOMLA students, professionals and programs. Friends of BOMLA

19 Financial Support Kindles
Jiv Daya Foundation (2011 – 2012 school year) Robotics FIRST in Texas                   (2012 season) Greater Texas Foundation   (2012 season) Texas Workforce                  (2013 season) JC Penney                      (2012 & 2013 season) Junior League                    ( school year) Orix Foundation             ( school year) Campus Support Tzu Chi Uniforms (2011 – 2012 school year) Taiwan (2011 – 2012 school year) General (2012 – 2013 school year) Scholarships Todd Williams $4,000 (Each 2015 BOMLA Graduate) Texas A & M Commerce Full 4 Year Scholarships Financial Support

20 Proposed Campus Grant Needs
Summer Enrichment Camps for students Professional Development for Faculty and Staff Campus Literacy Studies – Students and Faculty & Staff Fine Arts Department – Band, Choir and Visual Arts Programs College Tours Non Traditional Sport Fees – Rowing, Lacrosse, etc. Continuing Educational Scholarships for Faculty and Staff (Graduate School) Campus Expansion Proposed Campus Grant Needs

21 Campus Expansion Community Center Service Learning Center Classrooms

22 Corporate Alliances Philosophy of Engagement
BOMLA seeks to work with corporate partners who value visionary alliances that create real solutions while increasing brand visibility and equity in the communities in which they do business. Corporate Alliances Philosophy of Engagement

23 Questions and Next Steps

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