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The Dolls House by Katherine Mansfield

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1 The Dolls House by Katherine Mansfield
Dialogue – The Kelveys

2 What sort of language is used?
Although we understand what Our Else means when she says “I seen the little lamp” Its not considered ‘proper grammar’ as she should have said “I’ve seen the little lamp” This suggests that they may have not had the right education by not being treated equally.

3 Does it differ between Lil & Our Else?
Our Else decided to speak which is not what she normally does as she is a very quiet person, this shows how amazed she was by the little lamp. Where as Lil doesn’t say anything as she isn’t as interested as Our Else, in fact she couldn’t care less. The difference is that Lil doesn’t say anything as she isn’t as moved by the Doll House Our Else is.

4 Does it differ at school & out of school?
We don’t know this because they haven’t said anything throughout the entire story except for Our Else’s comment at the end about the ‘little lamp’.

5 How much dialogue is there?
There isn’t much dialogue from the Kelveys, except for one sentence said by Our Else: “I seen the little lamp” said Our Else.

6 How does this relate to the message of the story?
They don’t talk as they don’t have much confidence as people judge them for being poor. This makes them feel unwanted, and excluded from everyone else. Especially at school. We think the moral of the story is to not judge people for their class, and that everyone is equal, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

7 Thanks for watching  By: Danli, Frosina, Georgia and Sasha.

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