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Muntham House School Barns Green, Horsham. The Loneliness of the Long, Long, Long Distance Teaching Assistant.

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1 Muntham House School Barns Green, Horsham. The Loneliness of the Long, Long, Long Distance Teaching Assistant.

2 Richard Boyle, Principal. SEBD Social Emotional Behavioural Difficulties Maladjustment Social skill deficit Tantrum Violence and defiance Bizarre behaviours Withdrawal Abuse

3 Richard Boyle, Principal. Theories Maladjusted – linked to divergent social constructs Biological - Downs, ADHD, Autism, Psychological- Mal-development, Psychiatric illness, Manic Depression, Bi- Polar Outcome based- DfES/QCA, Descriptors

4 Richard Boyle, Principal. ADHD Learning Difficulties Medical condition Genetics Social class Economic status Family circumstances Treatment?

5 Richard Boyle, Principal. ADHD Inattention Often fails to give close attention to details or makes careless mistakes in school work activities, often has difficulty sustaining attention, often does not follow instructions and fails to finish schoolwork, often has difficulty organising tasks and activities, often dislikes work that involves sustained work, often looses things needed for work, often forgetful of daily activities….

6 Richard Boyle, Principal. ADHD Hyperactivity Often fidgets with hands or squirms Often leaves seat in classroom or in other situations where staying seated is expected Often runs about or climbs excessively in situations in which it is inappropriate Often has difficulty in playing or engaging in leisure activities quietly Often talks incessantly.

7 Richard Boyle, Principal. ADHD Impulsivity Often blurts out answers before the question has been completed Often has difficulty awaiting turn Often interrupts or intrudes on others (butts into conversations or games)

8 Richard Boyle, Principal. SEBD/ADHD Expectations None Expectations are for yourself

9 Richard Boyle, Principal. SEBD/ADHD the HOW The most effective interventions are those applied consistently and at the point of performance. Focus on teaching children a set of skills and adaptive behaviours to replace their problems. Increased attention to academic skills e.g. reading, writing and spelling enables and reduces stress Details need to be taught, for common problem situations such as transition between classes. Very simple programmes targeting brief periods during the day.

10 Richard Boyle, Principal. SEBD/ADHD the HOW? Carefully defined target behaviour in question so that we can reliably monitor the behaviour Identify antecedents and consequences to the behaviour through direct observation Test antecedents and consequences to check a functional relationship Implement interventions that alter antecedents or consequences so that the problem behaviour is replaced with appropriate behaviour. Remain positively detached

11 Richard Boyle, Principal. SEBD/ADHD What can a school or an organisation do? Talking Predictability Parallel Teaching - learning and behaviour Strategic attention – purposefully giving attention so that pupils remain on task Active ignoring in extremis total Rewards or tokens Reprimands especially in close proximity Response cost – loss of privilege etc. Time out. Suspension and re admission. Consistent programmes thematically applied.

12 Richard Boyle, Principal. Aims An IEP is a working document. It sets out MEDIUM TERM TARGETS. It is to be used following Annual Reviews or the Transition Plan Review at 14+.

13 Richard Boyle, Principal. Targets at Muntham

14 Richard Boyle, Principal. Completion of the Form!! Target Areas Programmes of Support Materials and Resources Targets Support Provided By Involvement of Other Agencies Views of Parents

15 Richard Boyle, Principal. Target Areas These are to be taken from the current Statement or the last Annual Review. EXAMPLES: To modify behaviour to acceptable standards. To increase self-confidence and motivation. To continue to develop literacy and numeracy skills.

16 Richard Boyle, Principal. Targets This should give details of what we wish to achieve by a given time. EXAMPLES: To reduce swearing to a minimum. Consolidate reading age to 10 years. Pronounce or identify 15 initial blends.

17 Richard Boyle, Principal. Descriptions of Behaviour Specific Scientific Contextual example John has oppositional behaviours, he is negative, defiant stubborn and unwilling to compromise, he will not negotiate. His defiance is manifest by ignoring orders, arguing and failing to accept blame for misdeeds. Hostility can be directed at adults or peers and is shown in deliberately annoying others or by verbal aggression. Oppositional behaviours are more prevalent in families in which harsh inconsistent or neglectful child rearing practices are common.

18 Richard Boyle, Principal. Targets Short term Example 1. John to show I am the same as the others. Adult strategy: The adults should regularly remind John that he should be showing everyone that he can be the same as others. When John starts to want extras or act differently, he should be asked, are you the same? Also there will be regular discussion with John about how he is doing with the target, with his tutor and keyworker every day. Alongside this will be explained to John that if he can achieve the target, adults will be looking to him to earn privileges next. When he gives an example of achievement he should be praised

19 Richard Boyle, Principal. SEBD/ADHD What can you do? Apply the Muntham Method Task: Identify a particular student you are close to, nominate a behaviour to substitute, implement a plan that you could apply and monitor it, using the HOW suggestions and then find out what was affective, report back to line manager at half term.

20 Richard Boyle, Principal. Muntham House School Teaching Assistants General To work within guidelines for 24 hour behaviour management programme, as set out in school's development plan. To have a commitment to the schools mission and aims. To be active in the observation of behaviours, planning and implementation of individual management programmes and in monitoring, evaluating and revising as appropriate on a regular basis. This is to involve close liaison with all staff working within the school. To facilitate the reintegration of pupils into the appropriate environment. This will be for social and academic development and may involve short or long-term programmes, or both. This will require close contact with home and schools as appropriate. To work with, as required, groups of pupils from ages 8-18, under the supervision of class teachers and Head Teacher. To demonstrate a commitment to the development of the school. This will include participation in and to staff in-service training, formal and informal discussions with staff, the need to work as an equal part of the whole group and an ability to offer innovative ideas and present them to the group. To demonstrate a commitment actively to develop as a professional. This will involve career planning and participation in in- service training in school, in county or out of county as appropriate Specifically These duties will be based on the experience and aptitudes of the successful candidate. To assist teaching staff in the management, physical or otherwise of pupils should this be necessary. To maintain appropriate records of student progress. To actively contribute to the Individual Education Plan and Annual Review documentation. To actively participate in the Muntham House Staff training programme. To provide 1 to 1 support as directed focussing on learning targets identified in both the Pupil Development Plan and the subject learning targets. * To provide a whole school area of responsibility * Become Co-Tutor of a particular year group. * These aspects of the work are optional and will be negotiated and rewarded.

21 Richard Boyle, Principal. Muntham House School Quotes from the Ofsted report 2005 Overall Effectiveness of the School……………….......Outstanding! The Boarding Provision…………………………….……Outstanding! Achievement and Standards………………….…………Outstanding! Personal Development and Well Being………….…….Outstanding! Quality of Provision…………………..…………………..Outstanding! Leadership and Management…………………..……….Exceptional!

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