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Hiring Selection Matrix Tutorial

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1 Hiring Selection Matrix Tutorial
Texas Tech

2 Hiring Selection Matrix
What is a Hiring Selection Matrix? A Hiring Selection Matrix is a tool used to objectively compare an applicant’s qualifications to a job vacancy. With this tool, you can objectively and more accurately compare applicants to one another. Why use a Hiring Selection Matrix? This selection tool helps to ensure that hiring selection decisions are made only on lawful job-related and non-discriminatory criteria, thus providing Equal Employment Opportunity to all applicants. Texas Tech

3 Hiring Selection Matrix
Important Steps before you begin: Save the ‘Hiring Selection Matrix’ to the Hard Disk on your computer. .Before you open the saved file, go to Start/Programs and open Microsoft Excel (Your saved file is an Excel file). In MS Excel, go to ‘Tools’ on the Menu and then to Macro/Security. A security Dialog box will open. Select ‘Security Level’ tab and change the security level to ‘Medium.’ Click ok. Now open the file (Hiring Selection Matrix) from the location, where you saved it. A dialog box will pop up. Select ‘Enable Macros.’ For rest of the instructions, click the button below. Texas Tech

4 Hiring Selection Matrix – A snapshot.
‘Hiring Selection Matrix’ is an Excel Spread Sheet tool that comes with pre-designed elements. You just have to enter the data. Texas Tech

5 Hiring Selection Matrix
You must click on the ‘green START button’ at the beginning of each session. Texas Tech

6 Hiring Selection Matrix
‘Minimum Job Requirements’ as shown on this slide is pre-entered on your Excel sheet. In this tutorial, we will see how to use this ‘Matrix’ for an ‘Office Support Position.’ MINIMUM JOB REQUIREMENTS To evaluate candidates – type-in all the required and preferred qualifications as listed on your Position Description. Texas Tech

7 Hiring Selection Matrix
In this example, we are looking at office support position. MINIMUM JOB REQUIREMENTS EDUCATION CLERICAL EXPERIENCE MS OFFICE PRODUCT EXP. TEN-KEY BY TOUCH TTU EXPEREINCE BOOKKEEPING EXPERIENCE KEYBOARDING EXPERIENCE SPELLING SCORE ‘Minimum Job Requirements’ is pre-entered in the first box, as shown. Click on the remaining boxes and type-in all the preferred skills as listed on the Position Description. In the case shown, we enter education, Clerical experience, MS Office experience, Ten key by touch, TTU experience, bookkeeping experience, keyboarding score and spelling score as preferred skills . Texas Tech

8 Hiring Selection Matrix
For the position, shown here, we rate the ‘preferred skills’ as shown. The scale to be used is 1 to 5. 5 3 5 5 4 3 5 4 2 Assign a weight to Each ‘Preferred Skill’ that you entered in previous slide – Use a scale from 1 to 5 (with 5 being the highest). ‘Minimum Job Requirements’ always gets rated 5. It is pre-entered. Rate the second criterion – ‘Education.’ Enter the assigned weight in the box below ‘Education.’ We rate it 3. Rate the third criterion – ‘Clerical Experience.’ Enter the assigned weight in the corresponding box below. We rate it 5. Rate the fourth criterion – ‘MS Office Exp.’ Enter the assigned weight in the corresponding box below. We rate it 5. Repeat the above for the preferred criteria that you have in the position description in the vertically aligned boxes above. Texas Tech

9 Hiring Selection Matrix
Sheila Angolie 97 97 Mark Moore 108 108 Alicia Redman 151 151 John Reid 144 144 As you begin to receive the applications, insert names of the applicants. Rate their education, experience and skills on a scale from 1 to 5. The Hiring Selection Matrix will calculate the weighted score for each criterion and calculate the total. The total will appear below the ‘Total Score’ box against each applicant. Enter all the applicant names and rate their education, experience and skills. Texas Tech

10 Hiring Selection Matrix
You may enter an ‘X’ under the ‘Minimum Job Requirements’ in the score box against the applicant to set his/her total to zero. X If upon review, you do not see that an applicant meets the minimum requirements as listed on the Notice of Vacancy, place and ‘X’ in the ‘Applicant Score Box’ under the ‘Minimum Job Requirements’ and the applicant score will reset to zero. Remember to document your evaluation thoroughly. Texas Tech

11 Hiring Selection Matrix
At some point you must decide whom to interview. It is at this point the ‘Hiring Selection Matrix’ comes to your aid. Click on the ‘Sort’ button. Clicking this button will place the ‘Application Scores’ in descending order with the highest ranked applicants at the top. Texas Tech

12 Hiring Selection Matrix
In this case the hiring supervisor might interview the top two applicants since their scores are close. Texas Tech

13 Hiring Selection Matrix
5 5 Assign weights to ‘Interview Score’ and ‘Reference Score’ – Use a scale from 1 to 5 (with 5 being the highest). The weights should be in-line with the scores for the rest of the criteria. Texas Tech

14 Hiring Selection Matrix
4 3 4 5 Enter the ‘Interview Score’ and ‘Reference Score’ for the interviewed candidates on a scale of 1 to 5. The ‘Hiring Selection Matrix’ will automatically calculate the ‘Total Score’ for you. Texas Tech

15 Hiring Selection Matrix
If a reference check is so negative that it warrants not hiring an applicant, place an ‘X’ in the score box below ‘Reference Score’ against the applicant name and the ‘total Score’ will automatically reset to zero. Remember to document the reference check thoroughly. Texas Tech

16 Hiring Selection Matrix
To make you final hiring decision, click the ‘Sort’ button once again. Clicking the ‘Sort’ button will resort the data with the applicant with the highest ‘Total Score’ on the top. This candidate according to the ‘Hiring Selection Matrix’ best meets the needs of this particular position. Texas Tech

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