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Environmental Aquatic Resource Sensing Basic Science, Business Education and Outreach.

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1 Environmental Aquatic Resource Sensing Basic Science, Business Education and Outreach

2 What is IGERT? IGERT = Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship Funded by the National Science Foundation IGERT is the National Science Foundation's flagship interdisciplinary training program, educating U.S. Ph.D. scientists and engineers by building on the foundations of their disciplinary knowledge with interdisciplinary training.

3 What is EARS IGERT? interdisciplinary, dual-institution (Kent State and Miami University) Environmental Aquatic Resource Sensing (EARS). theme training of doctoral students in environmental sensing, focused on freshwater resources, accentuated with business experiences, to develop professionals equipped for diverse careers.


5 An incremental process How did we get to this point?

6 Participating Units The sciences Miamigeology, geography, chemistry, zoology, microbiology Kent---geology, geography, chemistry, biology chemical physics Business Technology and computer science

7 Our vision Training a new generation of scientists that can talk across disciplines and to those in business Help prepare doctoral students for future careers in a range of areas Helping push sensor technology and its use forward in environmental research

8 Program Elements

9 The pieces Curriculum Interactions with and among trainees Cohort project Networking Newsletter, web page Outreach Career development Research!

10 The curriculum This workshop Lake Metabolism Sensor technology Introduction to Environmental Sensors Wireless Sensor Technology Chitra Rajagopal Business and technology transfer Greg Wilson, Don Coates, Rick Schroath (Entrepreneurship Extravaganza) Ethics And all the usual disciplinary requirements

11 Pedagogy strategies of instruction Use of short burst format Hands on, active learning Learning by doing Team work Build connections with the real world

12 Career Development Workshops An unexpected bonus! 2798126423790 2798126423790 Grantsmanship-last Academic year New Kent State science graduate student orientation o Fellowships (including post-docs) Monday, Sept 13 th, 4PM, Robin Selingerwill be taped an made available to all students Career pathsfuture events Academia Private/public sector

13 Who else is involved? Internal advisory committee External evaluators Assessment person (Ginny Anderson) Program assistant (Margie Nagella) A teacher (outreach) NSF The rest of the IGERT community

14 Virginia (Ginny) Anderson Towson

15 Outreach

16 Annual Meeting

17 RECRUITMENT! Start getting the word out now

18 Acknowledgements The National Science Foundation The Miami and Kent State offices of sponsored programs, grants accounting, and units The college and university administration at Miami and Kent State

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