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 Cochrane High School Redesign Presented by: Susan Poole, Principal, Cochrane High School.

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1  Cochrane High School Redesign Presented by: Susan Poole, Principal, Cochrane High School

2 Why Cochrane High School Redesign?  Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)  Inquiry/project based learning  Greater flexibility for students  Decrease stress for students  Personalized learning environment  Greater ownership and sense of control by students  Competency assessment

3 Why? Student Voice “The way things are taught needs to change.” “It should be more relevant to me.” “Make it more tied to experiences.” “ The way we are assessed needs to change.” Reference: 9/an-open-letter-to-education/

4 Measuring our Success…  Collaboration is at the core  Student Centric Learning Team (parents, students, trustee, teachers, administrators, community & business continues  Ongoing Review of literature  Inspiring Education, Ministerial Order (May 2013), AB ED HS Flexibility Project & other resources  Papers written to reflect analyzed data for CHS Redesign

5 Measuring our Success… Instructional practice that enhances student achievement and engagement  Linking 21 st C Competencies to Curriculum Outcomes  Inquiry Learning – community & Alumni supported  Grade 9 PBL  Ibooks – english  iGem – University project  Environmental School Project – Community and University

6 Measuring our Success…  Interdisciplinary projects  Science - Social  Science, Sports Med, Outdoor Ed  Science, Math, English  Math-English  Construction & Media

7 Measuring our Success…  Single - Disciplinary Projects  Physics  Physical Ed  English  Biology  Chemistry  Leadership  Math  French

8 Measuring our Success…  Gallery Walks  Learning Walks  Staff self-directed learning

9 Measuring our Success… Academic Achievement

10 Measuring our Success… Ongoing Support for Students  Significant adult for each student  Weekly Office hours for communication  Continuous reporting of achievement via PS  Ongoing contact with parents, students & teachers using communication protocol  Greater wrap-around supports for students

11 Measuring our Success through data…

12 Measuring our success through Data… 634 Students Responded out of 781 Students

13 Measuring our success through data… Continue Flex for the School Year

14 Measuring our success through e-Portfolios  Created How To Videos - Creating and adding 21 Century Learning Page - Cochrane High - YouTube  E-portfolio exemplars

15 Unanticipated Learnings  Peer Academic review groups  Effectiveness of teacher Interdisciplinary cohorts  Importance of designing to support school culture  Impact of data in transformational change Celebration of Teaching and Learning  Value of rocky talks for students and staff  Science Inquiry at CHS – video documentary  Value of sharing and supporting others

16 Next Steps for CHS  Timetable Redesign using data findings  Grade 9 Cohorts  Grade 9 vision for learning  Embedded technology  Interdisciplinary inquiry learning  No bells in AM

17 Next Steps for CHS  Grades 10 – 12  Interdisciplinary inquiry learning  Theme based community inquiry projects  Community focused inquiry projects  Continue Action Research  Staff, students, parents  Ongoing PL for staff both group and individual  PBL workshops

18 Next Steps for CHS  Expand instructional practice, assessment Grade  Designing an engaging experience for non academic students Grade 10-12, assessment.  Digital boot camp for teachers and student - Change of culture (Grade 9-12) Planning Time/Alumni - association, recruitment, reciprocity, celebration  Communication of student learning - 21st century competencies  Expand Learning Walks, Gallery Walks and Celebrations of Student Learning

19 Next Steps for CHS  Planning for Dual Credit programming – implementation  Environment  Science  Psychology  Business  Theme based cohort learning for students i.e. Environmental Theme – implementation

20 Support needed going forward  Continued support for Inquiry projects from jurisdiction  Release time to build interdisciplinary/disciplinary projects  21 st C Competencies assessment at the provincial level  Consider a review of funding model for HS Redesign schools/jurisdictions  Ready post-secondary institutions to respond more timely to dual credit programming

21 Next - Chapter Two You can’t start the next chapter if you keep re-reading the last one

22 And so our journey continues……….

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