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Jason Hilsenbeck LoadMatch & President – Founder.

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1 Jason Hilsenbeck LoadMatch & President – Founder

2 Intermodal Equipment Matching Drayage truckers post having empty containers Shippers/Freight Forwarders/Ocean Lines/IMCs post loads needing containers Email or XML message is sent to each party when a posting matches a need with a have Free to post …AND no transaction fees

3 Phonebook of Draymen Over 1800+ unique draymen profiles listed Search draymen in USA & Canada for chassis, haz-mat, transloading/warehousing, customs bonded, parking, CY operations, SCAC, TWIC, TSA, dry/refrigerated/household/tank drayage Blast an email out to a group of draymen that matches your requirements




7 Online since 1999, our goal is to provide visibility online of equipment, power only, and loads to the Intermodal - Import/Export community Full Membership is just flat $50 per month Independently owned; not affiliated with any customer or vendor





12 Unit Count Intermodal 53 Container Fleets (U.S. Domestic) 54,500JBHU - JB Hunt 22,900HGIU, HGWU, UPHU, NHUU, NHWU, HUNU -Hub Group 18,000PACU - Pacer 12,600SNLU - Schneider (does not include IMDL trailers) 6200SWRU - Swift (adding 500 more in Q1) 1000APDU - APL Logistics 500RBTU - CH Robinson 350BRNU - CH Robinson 400UTLU - Universal Logistics (adding 400 more in Q1/Q2) 350DRTU - Dart 300BNUU - USA Truck 200MTLU - Marten 3500?UPSU - UPS (count not confirmed, rumored to be adding 3000 more in 2012) 30,831EMHU - UP/NS/CN/CP 31,000UMAX - UP/CSX 4056CSXU - CSX 170TMXU - Kansas City Southern total: 186,857 data as of Feb 3, 2012 - researched by Jason Hilsenbeck, owner of

13 Unit Count Intermodal 53 Container Fleets (for ocean shipping) ?APHU – APL 1,500CMCU – Crowley 100STRU – Sea Star * note 53 ocean containers are built differently than 53 containers for domestic …ocean 53s are stronger so many containers can be stacked on top inside the ocean vessel data as of Feb 3, 2012 - researched by Jason Hilsenbeck, owner of





18 5/2011 - Compass Consolidators closes doors after 35 years 9/2011 - Romar intermodal division became an agent for Landstar after 20+ years (Romar started out as Trailer Train in 1965) 12/2011 - Rockwell Transportation closes after starting out in 1981

19 9/2011 – Mark XVI (Mark 16?) founded by former Mark VII / Exel Transportation (now Mode) owners Bob Liss, Dave Hursey, J Michael Head 11/2011 – Transplace, an NVO/FF merged with the Celtic International, an IMC (keeping Celtic name) 12/2011 – Echo Global Logistics, OTR Broker, buys Transport Systems - TTS, an IMC located in Rochester, NY (TTS started in 1981, will change name to Echo)

20 January 31, 2012 - Chicago Sun-Times Home Depot open new distribution center in February 2 in Joliet (655,000 square-foot distribution center, to employ 350 people) Dayton Freight Lines plans to open new terminal late 2012 in Joliet as well (110 jobs) February 3, 2012 – Caterpillar /Progress Rail closing Electro-Motive / London, ON plant, opening in Muncie, IN (2 1/2 times bigger)

21 Old Dominion opens container drayage terminals in Baltimore and Seattle/Tacoma on February 1, 2012 (now 16 terminals doing stand along container trucking!) Atlanta, GA ~ Baltimore, MD ~ Charleston, SC ~ Charlotte, NC ~ Chicago, IL ~ Greensboro, NC ~ Huntsville, AL ~ Jacksonville, FL ~ Long Beach, CA ~ Memphis, TN ~ Mobile, AL ~ Norfolk, VA ~ Oakland, CA ~ Savannah, GA ~ Seattle/Tacoma, WA ~ Wilmington, NC

22 Knight Trucking opens container drayage in Oakland, Seattle, Kansas City, Gulfport MS (already serving Los Angeles/Phoenix, New Orleans) Schneider National Intermodal Services offering stand-alone container drayage service in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Laredo

23 Transport America offering stand-alone container drayage service in Norfolk, Charleston, Savannah, Mobile, Birmingham, Memphis, and Atlanta

24 February 3, 2012 – CN opens intermodal terminal in Chippewa Falls, WI (100 miles east of Minneapolis) February 3, 2012 – Maersk sells chassis- leasing subsidiary Direct ChassisLink (DCLI) February 3, 2012 – Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Acts passed by House committee but the full House rejected proposal on Feb 6

25 conduct a three year study on increasing the truck weight to 88,000 pounds with five axles and 97,000 pounds with six axles. 80,000 lbs. United States gross limit went into effect 1981 97,000 lbs. Europe limit (44 tons) 103,000 lbs. Canada average limit (46.5 tons) (western province of Alberta, Canada: 140,000 lbs./63,500 kilograms) 107,000 lbs. Mexico's limit (48.5 tons)

26 International ocean container volume had slow growth in 2011, expect same for 2012 53 domestic container volumes increased dramatically in 2011, expect even more truckload-to-intermodal conversion in 2012 With increase in intermodal volume and demand for CSA safety scores, expect more truckload carriers to offer stand-alone drayage service.

27 Jason Hilsenbeck President LoadMatch & Naperville, IL = Equipment Matching = Phonebook of Draymen 630-428-9230 x114

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