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Jason Hilsenbeck LoadMatch & President – Founder.

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1 Jason Hilsenbeck LoadMatch & President – Founder

2  Intermodal Equipment Matching  Drayage truckers post having empty containers  Shippers/Freight Forwarders/Ocean Lines/IMCs post loads needing containers  or XML message is sent to each party when a posting matches a need with a have  Free to post …AND no transaction fees

3  Phonebook of Draymen  Currently unique draymen profiles listed (was 2000 draymen last year at this time)  Search draymen in USA & Canada for chassis, haz-mat, transloading-warehousing, customs bonded, parking, CY operations, SCAC, TWIC, dry / refrigerated / household / tank drayage  Blast an out to a group of draymen that matches your requirements




7  Online since 1999, our goal is to provide visibility online of equipment, power only, and loads to the Intermodal - Import/Export community  Full Membership is just flat $50 per month  Independently owned; not affiliated with any customer or vendor  LoadMatch doesn’t broker and doesn’t own any trucks.






13 Unit Count Intermodal 53’ Container Fleets - United States (dry, for railroad) 73,300JBHU - JB Hunt (+7300 from last year; doesn't include 200 reefer cntrs) 28,400HGIU, HGWU, UPHU, NHUU, NHWU, HUNU - Hub Group (+3400 from last year) 17,500PACU - Pacer (-500 from last year) 17,200SNLU - Schneider (+3,200 from last year) 9150SWRU - Swift (+450 from last year) 5000UPSU - UPS (unchanged) 1850FDXU, FEDU - FedEx Freight, FedEx Ground (1750 FDXU, 100 FEDU) 1000APDU - APL Logistics (unchanged) 1000RBTU - CH Robinson (unchanged) 800UTLU - Universal Logistics (unchanged, some leased to FedEx) 600MEQU - Milestone (unchanged)(pool equipment, currently all under lease) 475CFQU - COFC Logistics (-25 from last year, adding 300 this year, from Marten fleet) 400MTLU - Marten (ending, 300 will be going to COFC) 300MLHU - Matson Logistics (+100 from last year) 125DRTU - Dart (-225 from last year) 100WARU - White Arrow (+35 from last year) 20AMHU - American Highway (unchanged) 16WERU - Werner (pilot program started 2014) 157,236 total managed by United States, Motor Carrier & 3PL (141,550 in 2014) +15,686since last year data as of Feb 1, researched by Jason Hilsenbeck, owner of

14 Unit Count Intermodal 53’ Container Fleets - United States (dry, for railroad) 38,800EMHU - UP/NS/CP (+6800 from last year) 35,000UMAX - UP/CSX (+4000 from last year) 4000CSXU - CSX (unchanged) 900TMXU - KCS/NS ( unchanged) 800 XFEU - Florida East Coast (+400 from last year) 79,500 total managed by United States, Railroad (68,300 in 2014) +11,200since last year 157,236 total managed by United States, Motor Carrier & 3PL 236,736 grand total managed by United States, Railroad+Motor Carrier & 3PL (209,850 ) +26,886since last year +12.8% increase in total fleet size data as of Feb 1, researched by Jason Hilsenbeck, owner of Unit Count Intermodal 53’ Container Fleets – Canada (dry, for railroad) 8250CNRU - Canadian National (unchanged, includes Dry and Heated, doesn't include reefer boxes) 5450CPPU - Canadian Pacific (+350 includes Dry and Heated, doesn't include reefer boxes) 13,700 total managed by Canada, Railroad around 3000 x 53’ containers made for ocean vessels (Trailer Bridge, Crowley, Sea Star, Alaskan Marine, Totem)









23  53’ Intermodal Flat Rack fleet expanding:  Boyd Brothers  Prime Inc  Contrans  All Decks Intermodal  Rail Decks and Fontaine are manufacturers


25  Cold Train goes out of business in Aug ‘14  Infinity Transportation (IT) starts in Nov ‘14 with 200 x 53’ reefer service Pacific northwest to the country's midwest and east coast  Tiger Cool Express which started spring ’14 added 35 more containers, now has 234 refrigerated containers (leased from Quest Capital Group)  BNSF – Fresno, CA ramp closes



28  5/2014 Chicago based Coyote Logistics bought Access America  8/2014 DCLI (Direct ChassisLink Inc) acquired REZ-1  1/2015 Radiant Logistics acquired Wheels Group (Wheels bought Clipper Express in 2006) Other notables: - Odyssey Logistics acquired ADS Logistics in Chesteron, IN (Odyssey owns Interdom Partners) - Chicago based Echo Global acquired Comcar Logistics in FL

29  2/2014 – Dachser USA expands into new warehouse in Elk Grove Village  1/2015 – CEVA Logistics expands again in Elk Grove Village, now four facilities totaling 115 dock doors with 650,000 sq. ft.

30 Did you know? People in downtown Chicago in or near Loop working at:  CH Robinson / downtown …around 1000  Coyote / downtown …1000  Echo Global / downtown …1000  XPO Logistics (120), Total Quality Logistics, Arrowstream, Load Delivered * estimate 4500 people working at 3PL’s downtown

31 Offices closed in Chicago in 2014:  China Shipping moved to Atlanta  COSCO moved to Houston  OOCL moved to Salt Lake City  Evergreen moved to Dallas  Hanjin moved to Phoenix (jobs were customer service/billing/doc etc, most kept local sales office)

32  10/2014 – Celadon acquired A&S Services Group (A&S Kinard does truckload and drayage in NY/NJ,BAL,NFK,CHS, SAV,ATL, JAX,WHN,MIA,CHI) * ALSO bought Houg Special Services in Denver  11/2014 – Central States Trucking acquired Multi-Modal Trucking in Indianapolis (Forward Air bought Central States in January 2014)  12/2014 – SalSon acquired Big Daddy Drayage (NY/NJ,NOR,SAV,JAX,HOU,LA/LB)

33  1/2014 – Comtrak is no more, officially rebranded to “Hub Group Trucking”  OTR trucking companies now offering dedicated container drayage: Hill Bros. (MSP,OMA,KAN,DFW) NEMF (port NY/NJ) (big OTR already providing drayage as stand-alone service: Old Dominion, Schneider National Intermodal Services, Knight Port Services, Averitt Express, Werner)


35 Base RateFSC Total Invoiced Profit MarginProfit Moves per Month Profit per Month $20035%$27020%$541000$54,000 $20025%$25020%$501000$50,000 $20015%$23020%$461000$46,000 Going from $54,000 to $46,000 is reduction of 17.39% That means your costs need to decline at least 17.39% to maintain same the profit margin you are used to. Be sure to review your current fuel costs and owner-operator pay and compare to your reduction in receivables amounts. Adjust base rate if necessary.

36  Elwood's 2,500-acre industrial park is essentially built out.  At full capacity, the Joliet intermodal will total about 3,500 acres and 20 million square feet of building space (Joliet industrial park is halfway built out)  latest include 406,000 sq ft distribution facility for Neovia Logistics Services  four-acre container yard for Bridge Terminal Transport adjacent to the Union Pacific Intermodal Yard (per Dec The Herald-News)

37  The gates at Walter Strawn Drive railroad crossing near the BNSF-Elwood intermodal were broken nearly 50 times in  Originally permitted for up to 1800 trucks per day, current volume is 8,000 trucks per day.  Walter Strawn Drive crosses Union Pacific tracks which Amtrak uses, those tracks are designated high speed rail, this year those passenger trains will be going even faster

38  There are overweight grain permits and overweight non-grain permits (divisible loads)  Need 3 permits:  State of Illinois overweight permit  Will County overweight permit  Village of Elwood overweight permit  Will county allows grain overweight, but doesn’t allow non-grain overweight.  Will county controls Arsenal Road, not the State

39  Why did Village of Elwood even offer non- grain overweight permits creating all the truck traffic on Walter Strawn? “I want to assure Elwood residents that overweight trucks will not be tolerated on any village roadway. Walter Strawn was the only Route 53 access for overweight trucks and was so heavily traveled for that reason. The only remaining overweight route is through Interstate 55. The new interchange at Arsenal Road was designed to accommodate these trucks.” William Offerman, Village President January 2015  False statement, no option to legally dray non-grain overweight containers out of BNSF-Elwood because Will County doesn’t permit divisible loads.






45  Federal tax on gas was last raised in 1993  18.4 cents per gallon and not indexed to inflation  with dramatic decrease in fuel prices, now is the time to invest in our roadways!  80,000 lbs. United States gross limit (started 1981)  97,000 lbs. Europe limit (44 tons)  103,000 lbs. Canada average limit (46.5 tons) (western province of Alberta, Canada: 140,000 lbs./63,500 kilograms)  107,000 lbs. Mexico limit (48.5 tons)

46 Jason Hilsenbeck President LoadMatch & Naperville, IL = Equipment Matching = Phonebook of Draymen x114

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