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Intermodal News Report Intermodal Association of Chicago February 4, 2013 Jason Hilsenbeck LoadMatch & President – Founder.

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1 Intermodal News Report Intermodal Association of Chicago February 4, 2013
Jason Hilsenbeck LoadMatch & President – Founder

2 Intermodal Equipment Matching
Drayage truckers post having empty containers Shippers/Freight Forwarders/Ocean Lines/IMCs post loads needing containers or XML message is sent to each party when a posting matches a need with a have Free to post …AND no transaction fees

3 Phonebook of Draymen
Currently unique draymen profiles listed (was 1800 draymen last year at this time) Search draymen in USA & Canada for chassis, haz-mat, transloading-warehousing, customs bonded, parking, CY operations, SCAC, TWIC, dry / refrigerated / household / tank drayage Blast an out to a group of draymen that matches your requirements




7 LoadMatch &
Online since 1999, our goal is to provide visibility online of equipment, power only, and loads to the Intermodal - Import/Export community Full Membership is just flat $50 per month Independently owned; not affiliated with any customer or vendor






13 Unit Count Intermodal 53’ Container Fleets - United States (dry, for railroad) 59,000 JBHU - JB Hunt (+4500 from last year) 24,000 HGIU, HGWU, UPHU, NHUU, NHWU, HUNU - Hub Group (+1000 from last year) 18,000 PACU - Pacer (unchanged) 14,200 SNLU - Schneider (+2400 from last year) (does not include IMDL trailers) 8710 SWRU - Swift (+2500 from last year) 5000 UPSU - UPS  (+1500 from last year) 1000 APDU - APL Logistics (unchanged) RBTU - CH Robinson (+200 from last year) 850 CFQU - COFC Logistics (500 new build, 350 BRNU) 600 UTLU - Universal Logistics (unchanged) 400 MTLU - Marten (+200 from last year) 350 DRTU - Dart (unchanged) 200 MLHU - Matson Logistics (fleet started July last year) 133,310 total managed by United States, Motor Carrier & 3PL 31,000 EMHU - UP/NS/CP (unchanged) 32,000 UMAX - UP/CSX (+1000 from last year) 4000 CSXU - CSX (unchanged) 500 TMXU - NS Thoroughbred Direct (+300 last year) KCMU - Kansas City Southern (being re-stenciled to TMXU) XFEU - Florida East Coast (+200 from last year) 68,100 total managed by United States, Railroad 201,410 total managed by United States, Railroad+Motor Carrier & 3PL +14,500 since last year data as of Feb 4, researched by Jason Hilsenbeck, owner of







20 COFC Logistics COFC Logistics became active in June 2012 with 53’ container fleet with ramp-to-ramp pricing. Last real free running pool like this on BNSF railroad was NACS program, which ended in 2008 Currently at 850 x 53’ containers

21 53’ Container Fleet Notes
currently 201,410 x 53’ managed by Railroad + Motor Carrier + 3PL in United States in Canada approx 12,400 x 53’ dry & heated containers managed by Canadian National (7300 CNRU) & Canadian Pacific (5100 CPPU) approx 3000 x 53’ containers made for ocean vessels (Trailer Bridge, Crowley, Sea Star, APL, Alaskan Marine, Totem)

22 IMC / FF / Broker News 10/2012 – Eleets Transportation / Jacksonville, FL after six years suddenly stops doing business, files for bankruptcy, owes $8 million. 10/2012 – SynchroNet started “Door Logistics”, providing wholesale intermodal service for ocean containers. (competing with Interdom, Matson, ESI, etc) 12/2012 – Echo Global Logistics, OTR Broker, buys Sharp Freight Systems, an IMC located in Los Angeles, and office in Houston. Frank Sannebeck, founded Sharp Freight in 1965 (Echo bought Transport Systems / Rochester, NY in 2011)

23 Drayage Trucking News 7/2012 – Morgan Southern, started by David Morgan in 1982, is acquired by Roadrunner, all 18 terminals renamed “RoadRunner Intermodal Services, LLC” 11/2012 – RoadRunner buys Central Cal Transportation / Fresno, CA that has 150+ drivers 12/2012 – Nationwide Transport Services of Ohio, suddenly closed leaving dozen agents without money

24 Drayage Trucking News 1/2013 – RoadLink is now “RoadOne”, Ken Kellaway and David McLaughlin have taken over the company (RoadLink was created 2000 from Eastern America, GPS, Atlas Trucking, Hawk Pacific, Whitacre Trucking, Kellaway Intermodal) 1/2013 – H&M International Transportation rebranding to “H&M Terminals Transport” 2/2013 – Mason Dixon rebranding to “Universal Intermodal”

25 Drayage Trucking News Averitt Express, an LTL carrier, started offering container dray trucking service “PortSide” (at 11 of their terminals) Trend continues, OTR trucking companies offering drayage: Old Dominion, Schneider National Intermodal Services, Knight Port Services, Transport America

26 Canadian National & Canadian Pacific News
9/2012 – CP closes terminal in Milwaukee and in Schiller Park, IL (now depot for Hapag Lloyd and OOCL) 2/2012 – CN opens intermodal terminal in Chippewa Falls, WI (100 miles east of Minneapolis) 1/2013 – CN announces new intermodal terminals opening in downtown Indianapolis AND in downtown Joliet, IL (both opening June 2013 )

27 CN Joliet terminal Located downtown Joliet near U.S. 6 and Draper Avenue (near the old Silver Cross Hospital) 30-acre facility, much smaller than other intermodal sites such as UP-Joliet and BNSF-Elwood Purpose is to bring in grain and transload into containers going for export, expecting 175 trucks per day Opening June 2013


29 Miscellaneous 80,000 lbs. United States gross limit (started 1981)
"An 18-wheeler model year clean-diesel truck would have to drive 143 miles on the freeway to put out the same mass of particulates as a single charbroiled hamburger patty" study by University of California-Riverside (October 26, 2012 DC Velocity) 80,000 lbs. United States gross limit (started 1981) 97,000 lbs. Europe limit (44 tons) 103,000 lbs. Canada average limit (46.5 tons) (western province of Alberta, Canada: 140,000 lbs./63,500 kilograms) 107,000 lbs. Mexico limit (48.5 tons)

30 Conclusion Total intermodal container + trailer volume in U.S. for 2012 up near all-time record high set in 2006: 12,267,336 total intermodal U.S. for 2012 (per AAR count) 12,282,221 total intermodal U.S. for 2006 (per AAR count) Look for 2013 total volume to beat 2006 record International ocean container volume had slow growth in 2012, expect same for 2013 53’ domestic container volumes increased as predicted in 2012, expect continued truckload-to-intermodal conversion in 2013

31 Thank you Jason Hilsenbeck President LoadMatch &
Naperville, IL = Equipment Matching = Phonebook of Draymen x114

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