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Presenter: Norm Paulsen Date: May 2, 2012 Session: 8 Weather Alerts in Canada.

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1 Presenter: Norm Paulsen Date: May 2, 2012 Session: 8 Weather Alerts in Canada

2 Canadian Profile Clients / Re-originator CAP Container Challenges - Minor Update - Geography - Updates/Cancels Customization

3 Canadian Profile Generally considered to be in 3 parts Rules (proper CAP profile – constraints and extra parameters) Event List (Managed list – Business Profile) Location list (Managed list of Geocodes) Extra Parameters and Managed Lists are attributed in the CAP message

4 Clients NAAD – National Alerts, Aggregation and Dissemination MASAS – Multi Agency – Situational Awareness System Alberta – Provincial system Agreements in place or in development with each

5 Re-originator Alberta By Agreement cannot alter the content of the warning information found within the CAP message Can augment the CAP message with additional elements (primarily text) that they have in place with their user group

6 CAP Container Local Current State Warning Database Every data update to a warning causes a CAP Message to be built and sent out

7 Challenges Minor Update –Alert goes out –Text is auto/human translated and then added to the db –Minor Update goes out (parameter) Causes a problem for Broadcasters

8 Geography We include both GIS polygons and CAP- CP geocodes Geocodes spatially over alert

9 Update / Cancels Due to moving subject events out threat zones constantly move within the life of the Alert Location References change frequently Multiple Info Blocks are used Active Area Blocks / Ended Area Blocks Urgency and Expires Settings can be used to identify ended blocks

10 Customization We have a parameterized Warning Database that is capable of containing everything we have on alert messages We will inform on what and how each element is used in our CAP and our extra parameters and resources We could extract customized products per client group or individual client...or... We could remove elements of our all inclusive CAP and send that (ID?)

11 Demonstrations 11 Issuing System MASAS (ESRI) IPAWS MYSTATE Aggregators/ Re-originators MASAS IPAWS MYSTATE Distributor GOOGLE CELLCAST MYSTATE Recipient interfaces with common products and services. Ex. Email, map, RSS, TV,... Issuer interfaces with input form, mapping application, etc. Meet: North East Entrance (Outside Glass doors). North end of the Food Court (up the escalators) Escort: At Glass doors and again on 7 th level Time: Please arrive at your appointed time to minimize disruptions to the office (Check with Jane at the table to confirm your time if you have forgotten)

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