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Meet Iris – Lowe’s Smart Home Platform

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1 Meet Iris – Lowe’s Smart Home Platform

2 The Connected Home is a new growth opportunity…
We are moving towards a time when everything in the home will be IP addressable and networked - this is the ‘Internet of Things’. We see this as a growth opportunity for Lowe’s so we have developed a Cloud based platform called Iris to enable customers to remotely monitor and control their home. Energy Management Automation Security Iris Platform API Layer CRM Rules Engine Billing Tech Supp Consumer UIs Account Management Service Delivery Device Management Integration Overlay Content Iris Hub Video Appliance Management Senior Care …in the future, it will be the combination of product with service that will deliver value to the consumer through smart phones and tablets.’s not connecting customers to their things that will ultimately deliver value, it’s connecting the tings to each other. …Lowe’s is ideally placed in the market to create a new paradigm in home management

3 We can solve a problem for the consumer and our vendors
Lowe’s aim to take a leading role in the smart home… The market today…. We can win by differentiating to…. Focus on the consumer Provide a single UI to integrate Connect everything in the store Support open standards Provide a platform for our vendors Deliver great customer support Deliver integrated solutions Point to Point solutions Multiple Apps and UIs Unconnected channels Complex and expensive Multiple Service Charges No interoperability Cannot scale FREE ! … is complex and confusing … make it simple, affordable and scalable We can solve a problem for the consumer and our vendors

4 We are uniquely placed to draw all the pieces together
Lowe’s can deliver a broad product portfolio… Home Automation Door locks Wall Switches (Int/External) Wall Plug Sockets (Int/External) Controllable Light bulbs Window Blinds Water Shut Off Valves Window Shading Garage Doors Humidifiers/Dehumidifiers Vehicles Car Integration EV Charging Prox sensing Maint Data Appliances Fridges/Freezers Washers/Dryers Cooking Misc devices HVAC Home Monitoring Motion Detectors Door/Cabinet/Window Sensor Key Fob Keypad Panic/Help Button IP Video Motion Detector(pet tolerant) Water Sensor Fire Detector Carbon Monoxide Directional Detectors Device Tagging Safety Garden Irrigation Control Pool Pumps Pool Heaters Machinery (Mowers etc) Renewables Solar Panels Wind Generators Storage Other Property 2nd Home Parents RVs, Boats Energy Management Analytics Thermostat Smart Plug Optical Meter Reader Clamp Integrated Metering Water Monitoring Gas Monitoring Oil Monitoring Ceiling Fans Water Heaters Water Filters/Purifiers Temperature Sensors Humidity Sensors Support Services My Lowe's installation Utility Rates Appliance Repair Pro Monitoring Insurance Nurse Call Location-based services Elderly Care Help Pendants Activity monitoring Bed Sensors Location Based Sensors Medical dispensers Automated doors 2 Way Voice Stair Lifts Mobility Vehicles Pets Door Flaps Location monitor Feeders Practical Fun Plant monitors Localized scents We are uniquely placed to draw all the pieces together

5 Put the smart phone and tablet at the heart of consumer experience
The first step to entering the market… Offer Smart Home product starter kits with á la carte options Overlay simple, tiered services with low priced entry levels All managed through simple user interfaces over mobile and web. Smart Home (in a box) $299 Basic - Free Safe & Secure $179 Comfort & Control $179 The Services Allow consumers to move easily between the service options The Product Sets Senior Care $219 Smart Home – a la carte (Hub) Premium from $9.99 Video $129 Simplicity Affordability Scalability Safer More efficient Easier to manage We deliver: To Make homes: Put the smart phone and tablet at the heart of consumer experience

6 The consumer experience…
Comprehensive services with product bundles ‘Magic’ providing simple rules… Simple to install and affordable…

7 Taking Iris to the next level in 2013
CES announcements….. Safety New Fire, CO, flood, locks, safes, External IP cameras New Siren Senior Care New Pendant Monitoring Service Convenience Pet Doors, Controllers, light bulbs, Plant Moisture Sensors New Partners Verizon Wireless Voice Integrators Energy Analytics Energy Efficiency Multiple Thermostat, Hot-Water Heaters, Water Irrigation, Blinds, Whole Home Monitoring Enhanced Rules Support Installation Service Appliances New plans for connected appliances Taking Iris to the next level in 2013

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