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Predictive Analytics Changing the world from “Fail and Fix” mentality to “Predict and Prevent”

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3 Predictive Analytics


5 Changing the world from “Fail and Fix” mentality to “Predict and Prevent”

6 Example of Graphical Trends with Real-time Data Solution Based Monitoring- Adding Connections!

7 )  Data Collection (real-time)  Multi User Interface (mobile devices, Windows & Mac compatible)  Data Center MANAGEMENT (cloud based)  Customizable data and alert monitoring (based on your client’s needs) RS Data Center Functions

8  Phase Voltage  Vibration  Phase Amps  Power Factor  Harmonics  Temperature  Moisture  Lights  Bearings  Frequency Richman Surrey’s large variety of sensors allows power quality analysis on the following : And More!

9 Our Target Client:  Hospitals  Medical Centers  Government Facilities  Distribution Centers  Car Dealerships  Car Washes  Factories  Engineering Firms  Apartment complexes  High-rises  Mining  Casinos  Hotels & Resorts  Condominiums  Water plants  Solar farms  Wind farms


11  Boiler  HVAC  Freezers  SES Boxes  Water Flow Control  Welding Machinery  Roll Up Door Motors  Gas Flow Control with Remote Shut offs  Elevator Motors  Hot and Cold Displays  Kitchen Ovens  Dishwashers  Meat Saws




15 24/7 Data Alerts Via Text & Email Alerts 24/7 Data Alerts Via Text & Email Alerts

16 Richman Surrey will increase Revenues for businesses that utilize Richman Surrey’s Alert and Monitoring technology to maximize energy usage and improve productivity resulting in increased revenue and profitability.

17 S afety-Stability-Security We provide added Safety by monitoring key equipment which, if left unattended, could result in fire, water damage, gas leaks, and loss of product among a few. The Richman Surrey solution brings about stability through its advanced alert and monitoring programs and ultimately provides the network security for peace of mind your clients are expecting.

18 Discovery Questions Are your electrical bills growing out of control? Do you ever have operation downtime caused by equipment failure? Are you responsible for equipment and facilities at multiple locations? Do you have to wait for something to fail before you know there is a problem?

19 Richman Surrey is a Disabled Veteran Owed, Small Business 1-888-623-7422 George Sutherland-CEO480-694-3935 Aria Pakravan-CTO480-532-7464 Chelsea Lauriano-GM619-405-9340 Email:

20  Case Studies  Downloadable Brochure  Brief Introduction Commercial  Direct Contact Information  White Sheets  Leasing Applications

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