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To be the only one-stop-shop for all Highway Management needs in the minds of customers by constantly innovating new products and services with breakthrough.

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2 To be the only one-stop-shop for all Highway Management needs in the minds of customers by constantly innovating new products and services with breakthrough technology to fill gaps even before they are discovered by others... thus exceeding all expectations. Mission

3 Our ultimate goal is to grow, evolve and be known as India’s First Next Generation Highways Management Company that will transform the Indian Highways Management Industry by providing world-class products and unmatched services Vision

4 Group Companies BE Highway and Parking Automation BE Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. BE Office Automation Pvt. Ltd. BE Documentation Pvt. Ltd.

5 Our Clientele

6 Integrate Parking, Access, Security & Revenue Control for Small, Medium and Large Installations BE Parking System

7 Security Special Features Reports Internet Accessibility Main Modules of Parking Software

8 Security Role based accessibility Encrypted password management User rights management User based interface view

9 Special Features(1) Supporting multiple database systems Role based accessibility Supporting two types of user display Advertisements (Display advertisement in free time) Shift management Supporting several types of passes/cards Support Tally Accounting software

10 Barcode scanner/ Smartcard reader/RFID Tags reader Configurable lane Configurable look and feel Offline Work capability Online reports Auto parking slot availability status Biometric Enabled (For login to the system) Special Features(2)

11 Internet Accessibility Reports can be viewed through Web Interface using internet from any Geographic Location.

12 Two types of Fee Collection Booth Pay In ∞ Customer pays before entering ∞ Cashier collects the money at entry lane. ∞ Customer will be given Receipt with barcode. ∞ Barrier opens after processing. Pay Out ∞ Customer pays before leaving ∞ Cashier collects the money at exit lane. ∞ Customer returns ticket to cashier to process. ∞ Barrier opens after processing. Pay In Pay Out

13 Flat Rate Fixed rate for a fixed interval of time. Variable Rate Charge based on precise time spent within parking area.

14 Supports three types of Payment Cash Payment Smart Card RFID Tags

15 Daily pass (Paper slip) Monthly pass (Smart card/RFID Tag) Customized pass (Smart card/RFID Tag) Exempted pass (Paper slip) Supports Four Types of Passes

16 On Entry Lane (Manual) Ticket are issued at entry lane or Smart Card is swiped. Barrier Gate is opened after ticket is issued or after validating the pass. Entry information is printed on the ticket. Intercom for customer support LCD display or UFD display for Fare Display Vehicle image is captured.

17 Automatic Ticket Dispensing Machine An automated fee collection and ticket dispensing machine includes printers to produce receipts or passes for services or activities. These receipts and passes may be printed for each specific user, and may feature a machine-readable bar code. The device is provided with networking means, to allow central control and monitoring of the device.

18 System Architecture and Configuration

19 Process Flow - Entry Lane User Enters the Lane Presence Loop is activated IF User shows new ticket to exit verifier User touches Smart Card RFID Reader Detect the Tag Ticket is Scanned Payment Tag is checked along with the grace period Validate User Account from Local Database Traffic light = Green Barrier = Up Vehicle proceeds to the Exit Loop Traffic Light = Red Vehicle crosses over the Exit Loop Barrier = Up

20 Exit Lane When the vehicle reaches to the exit lane, the fee collector takes the slip and scans the bar code printed slip. The calculated fee is displayed on the LCD monitor or UFD. Fee collector also verifies the current image of the vehicle with the image taken at entry time. Fee can be charged in the mode of Cash,RFID Tags, or smart card When the process is completed successfully Barrier Gate gets opened

21 Fee Collector Screen at Exit Lane

22 User Moves towards Exit Lane Process Flow - Payment User Handover the bar code ticket to Operator Operator scans the ticket with barcode reader Application will display the amount to be charged according to time span User pays with cash User pays with Master Card Operator returns the balance Operator swipes the card IF

23 Hardware Integration 1. Automatic Boom Barrier 2. IP Based Camera 3. Thermal Printer 1 2 3

24 Hardware Integration 4. Barcode Scanner 5. User Fare Display (UFD) 6. Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Panel 4 5 6

25 7. Overhead Light Signal (OHLS) 8. Traffic Lights 9. Touch Screen 10. Cash Drawer Hardware Integration 7 8 9 10

26 Equipments – Control Centre Central Database Server Backup Server Workstation Computer Smart Card Reader/Writer Printer

27 System Integration Hardware Installation Software Installation – Fast and Easy Database Installation Lane Configuration

28 Why BEHPA A Dedicated Inhouse Team of Professionals. Only Indian Highway/Parking Management Company to have offices in US and Europe International Tie-ups and Accreditations Strong Relations with NHAI Strong Liaison Network (Police, Civil Administration, Media, Politicians etc.) Strong Infrastructure Financially Sound 100% Compliances (No Dues till Date) PAN India Presence Trained & Certified Professionals State-of-art Communication & IT Infrastructure

29 CONTACT US BE Highway & Parking Automation 1, Mini Market, Near Nanakpura Gurudwara, Motibagh, New Delhi – 110021 Call at: 011-24677478

30 .. Thank You..

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