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Welcome Rasel Asst. Teacher Charmugria Girls High School Charmugria, Madaripur.

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1 Welcome Rasel Asst. Teacher Charmugria Girls High School Charmugria, Madaripur.

2 Class: Eight English 2 nd Paper

3 Under On In

4 Preposition AT Why do we use preposition? IN Circle INTO ON FOR By TO ETC AssessmentGroup WorkIndividual Work Home Work THANKS

5 Objectives By the end of the lesson, the students will be able to- Use prepositions. Home

6 A preposition is a part of speech that shows a relationship between two things. Exam:- Look the picture. Location (on, under, in) Timing (before, after, during) Direction (from, toward, to) Home at What does a preposition do? CLK

7 Use At My uncle lives Gulshan in Dhaka. at He came here ___. 10 Look _____ the picture at The car runs ____ 70 miles per hour. at He came to the orphange ____ Home

8 Use IN Dhaka City January 1981 Rahim lives _____ Dhaka. He is _____ the drawing room. He was born ________ January ________ 1981. He is _____ good health. in Home

9 Night Day PM AM Sunrise Sunset Dawn Dusk Midnight 00:00 Midday 120:00 6 am 18 pm He drinks tea __ the morning/the afternoon/the evening. I work ______ the morning/afternoon/evening/day/night. Lets meet ______ 6pm. The clock strikes twelve _____ midday/midnight/noon. The condemned man was shot ____ sunrise/dawn/dusk. We can see the stars _____ night. Afternoon Morning Evening in during at Home

10 Use into She entered _____ the room. Water is changed ______ ice. into Home

11 Use ON Monday 25/2/2012 The books __________ the table. The cow lives ___________ grass. He came here _____________ Saturday. He invited me ___________ his Birthday. on Home

12 Use For * He started _________ dhaka. * I am starting ___________ Dhaka. * He has come here __________ living. * He has been ill _____________ five days. for Home

13 Use By # He went there ________ boat. # The work was done _______ him. # He will reach here ________ 10 a.m. # He sat ______ me. # The room is 15 feet _______ 20 feet. # It is 10 Oclock _________ my watch. # He swore ________ God that he would not steal any more. Sense: Journey, Passive voice, before fixed time, beside, according, measurement, swear etc. by Home

14 Use TO # He went _______ school yesterday. # He came _______ meet me. # He was beaten ________ death. # The food is not taste ______ me. # Be sympathetic ____ me. to Home

15 Among/between/above/over # Divided the mangoes _______ Rahim and Karim. # Divided the mangoes ________ the boys. # The sun is ________ us. # A bird was flying ________my head. between among above over Home

16 Group Work # Put a suitable preposition from the box in each gap. You can use a preposition more than once. 1)I found him ____________ the beach. 2)He is __________ danger. 3)Open _________ page 15. 4)He answered____________ my questions. 5)The shall go ___________ air. in to by aton Home Time: 5 minutes

17 Individual Work 1)Throw it _________ the fire. 2)The sky is __________ our heads. 3)He sat _________ a tree. 4)He sat ___________ me. 5)Birds fly __________ the tree 6)The car is made _________ steel. 7)He came _________ a poor family. 8)Do not run __________ the sun. 9)He went there _________ foot. into above under beside/by over of in on Home

18 Assessment in of in for of There are many kinds (a)_____ games (b)_____ our country. (c)______ all games, I like football most. It was first played (d)_____ England. Now it is played (e) _______all countries of the world. Bangladesh is famous (f) ______ Cricket. ofin Of in for Home

19 Home Work Make 20 sentences with different Preposition. Home


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