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Welcome to the English intellectual quiz! The 1 st round.

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2 Welcome to the English intellectual quiz!

3 The 1 st round

4  a. On Tuesday.  b. For two hours.  c. Almost every day.  d. With John. How often do you play tennis?

5  a. Sandwich.  b. With Jane.  c. At 12:00.  d. In the cafeteria. Where do you usually eat lunch?

6  a. With Bob.  b. In my room.  c. English.  d. For three hours. How long did you study last night?

7  a. Yes, I do.  b. I like spy novels. What kind of novels do you like?

8  a. I work every day.  b. I'm a piano teacher.  c. I worked for two hours. What kind of work do you do?

9  a. About two hours.  b. In my living room.  c. I watch the news.  d. On Tuesday. How many hours a day do you watch TV?

10  a. In the morning.  b. Every day.  c. Tuesday.  d. Last week. What is your busiest day of the week?

11  a. I agree with you.  b. I agree you.  c. I agree to you.  d. I agree for you. My mother is a good cook.

12  a. For one hour.  b. Yes  c. Television.  d. On Friday. What does "TV" mean?

13  a. No  b. D-O-G  c. I don't  d. Cat.  e. I have one dog. How do you spell "dog"?

14  a. I am swimming.  b. I swim.  c. I will swim.  d. I swam. What did you do yesterday?

15  a. Coffee.  b. Saturday evening.  c. Two.  d. With my friends. What do you like to drink?

16  a. At six.  b. Spaghetti.  c. With my family.  d. At home. What did you eat last night?

17  a. I'm eating.  b. I ate.  c. I will be eating.  d. I have eaten. What are you doing?

18 The 2 nd round

19 Make up as many sentences as possible with the word “lesson”

20 The 3 rd round

21 Helloimbeatriceimsevenandimastudentatgrenwoodsch oolmyfateriscalledfrankandmymotheriscalledmargaret mumisthirtynineanddadisfortyoneweareafriendlyfamily weliveinoxfordthisissituatednotfarfromlondon.  Use the first letters and make a tittle: Girl’s name+i+school Father’s name+a+mother’s name+i+city+y Mystery notes. Can you work them out (розшифрувати листівки)

22 The 4 th round

23  What words are always used with the article “THE”?  What words do not form plural with a help of ending “-s”?  What dairy products can you name?  What rooms can be found in the house?  What lessons do we have at school?  What media means can you name? Answer the questions

24  We will come tomorrow.  They went home.  She is reading a book.  You have not heard about it. State the tense

25 The 5 th round

26  The place where you go every day  People you live with in one house  When you are not ill  When you are ill you go to this place  The person who wrote a book  The name of the book  The place where you can watch films  The room where you eat  The time when you do not go to school  It lasts 40 (45) minutes at school Guess the word

27 Show the word

28 The 6 th round

29  What countries does the United Kingdom consist of?  How many states are there in the USA?  What is the capital of the UK?  What is the capital of the USA?  Who is the head of the USA?  Who is the head of the UK?  What English holiday can you name?  When is the Day of Independence of The USA celebrated?  What river is there in London?  What American presidents do you remember?  What is the American currency?  What is the British currency?  Name the countries where English is official?  What English words are international? What do you know about the English-Speaking Countries

30 The 7 th round

31 Who are they?













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