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Ethan Webster Elias CST 394 Internship Presentation.

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1 Ethan Webster Elias CST 394 Internship Presentation

2 Junior Transfer Student Interactive Design Emphasis ITCD Department

3 Hunting Otterjobs and Craigslist Looking for Design Work Internship… Paid? Needed A Job

4 NPS GS IV Internship – Paid! Found a Job

5 CED3 Interactive Design Web Development Media for Distance Learning In My Field!

6 Beautiful Campus NPS ~ Nice Place to Work

7 Secure Access NPS ~ Nice Place to Work

8 Pub NPS ~ Nice Place to Work

9 Peacocks NPS ~ Nice Place to Work

10 Military Vibe NPS ~ Nice Place to Work

11 Many Other Perks: Free Gym/Spa Bus Passes Full Service Cafeteria NPS ~ Nice Place to Work

12 Media Developer Interactive Multimedia Assistant Support the IDs CED3 ~ What I Do

13 I'm in web development I make websites at NPS I work in a dept called CED3 which makes the online coursework for the school and deployed military around the world I work in distance learning I work in instructional design I support instructional designers in designing coursework I'm an "interactive multimedia assistant so i do all kinds of things, I edit audio and video, help with and appear in video shoots, make websites, prepare presentations, support and assist the instructional designers in any way I can I'm in web development at NPS I make websites for the Navy. CED3 ~ What I Do

14 Software Dreamweaver Camtasia Articulate Premiere WebDav bFree CED3 ~ What I Do Respondus Office 7 Illustrator Powerpoint Soundbooth Audition

15 Daily Collaborative Meetings Tasks/Progress Share Tools Project Management CED3 ~ What I Do

16 Achievement Report CED3 ~ What We Do MSR for January 2010 from Media Development Team Media Development Team (Philip McCullick, Diane Jones, Mike Northcutt, Marek Piecyk, Melissa Estuesta, Ethan Elias ) Projects HSI Certificate Program – Shattuck OA3413 – Module 1 web pages, edited Camtasia presentation, intro video, articulate OA3413 – Module 2 web pages, edited Camtasia presentation OA3413 – Module 3 Tradespace tool updates, interview, edited Camtasia OA3413 – Module 4 edited 2 Camtasia presentations, 2 DVD to web videos TTTAMS Rating tool designed and developed, Camtasia tutorial created FAO Intelligence Community module completed Interagency Process module completed Knowledge Base development prototype completed FAOweb Sakai skin updated Secure Communications Edumercial first review completed Brochure updates for website MN3510 – Matt Jacobs Articulate presentations revised GB3012 – Jim Suchan, Gail Thomas Bottomline and High Impact Communication modules updated and moved to Sakai DRMI Articulate presentations QA and revisions Audio Transcription ECE Brochures EW brochure draft finished Electric Ship draft finished Signal Processing draft finished MN3318 – Cory Yoder DVD to web video conversion EC3400 DL Lab News blurb written Site updates IDARM – Negotiation videos Preparation for the video shoot in February Homeland Security Special Report Updates Miscellaneous Sakai template scripts for fixing Sakai issues created Sakai helper role researched and requested for Student Services Here are the media development accomplishments for February 2010: FAO Knowledge Base : Centennial timeline: PETAL course/ Sakai skin: MSR for March 2010 from Media Development Team Media Development Team (Philip McCullick, Diane Jones, Mike Northcutt, Marek Piecyk, Ethan Elias ) Projects HSI Certificate Program – Nita Miller/Larry Shattuck OA3413 Created graphics for final project OA3413 2 Articulates, 8 videos completed OA3413 Course Completed OA4414 Course setup OA4414 Intro video, articulate presentation completed OA4414 Scenario video completed OA3411 Sakai Migration OA3412 Sakai Migration Sign Up and Peer Evaluation Report (SUPER) tool upgrade completed IDARM – Negotiation Videos Negotiated Agreements video nearly completed Ethics and Bluffing video started FAO Interagency Process module updates Converted modules for Dombroski to use in his regular NPS course. Security Assistance: Washington DC Perspective module started EC3130 DL Lab – Giovanna Oriti / Roberto Cristi Website created Camtasia video edited and published EC3410 – Monique Fargues Camtasia video project completed and burned on DVD Geometric Integrity tool – Mark Dankel Design and development completed MN3510 – Matt Jacobs 3 Articulate presentations DRMI Script organized Design and graphics reviewed PETAL PowerPoint design Module 2 completed OS3080, OS3081, OS3082 - Kline Courses migrated to Sakai MN3172 - Doyle Sakai Migration RNS module image updated Academic Affairs Newsletter banner completed CED3 Handbook covers completed and added to IDDR website Student map data extracted Miscellaneous USB mic recommendation for faculty Videos added to the NPS streaming video server Here are the media development accomplishments for April 2010: 1. IDARM – Negotiation video – Negotiated Agreements a. ndex.html ndex.html 2. FAO Mobile Modules a. 1. FAO Module Statistics a. An interface for FAO administrators to see who has completed modules and view the results from the surveys. Survey results example: 1. HSI OA4414 Scenario Video a. /scenario.html /scenario.html

17 Blackboard into Sakai CED3 ~ What I Do Migration – Yeah!

18 Design View Collaboration Team Work What Ive Learned

19 Time Management Team Work Best/Worst Qualities What I Applied

20 Authentic Work Experience Professional Environment Learning the Ropes Internship Experience

21 Full Time over the Summer AMAP Next Semester Parlay into a Job & Career Where Its Going

22 Stoked! Total Hero Theyre Hiring Internship Experience

23 Ethan Elias Media Developer Internship

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