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MULTIMEDIA Development Team.

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1 MULTIMEDIA Development Team

2 Objectives Identify individual involved in Multimedia development
Identify the role of each individual in multimedia team

3 Overview Members of a multimedia team.
Roles and responsibilities in a multimedia team

4 Importance of Multimedia Team
A team of multiple skilled individuals is required to create a good multimedia project. Team building refers to activities that help a group and its members function at optimum levels. The diverse range of skills required for a project is called the multimedia skillset.

The team consists of the following: Project manager. Multimedia designer. Interface designer. Writer. Video specialist. Audio specialist. Multimedia programmer. Producer

6 Project Manager : Roles
Responsible for the overall development, implementation, and day-to-day operations of the project. Conveying information between the team and the client - good interpersonal skill. Design and management of a project. Understanding the strengths and limitations of hardware and software for successful project. Ensuring people skills and organizational skills.

7 Project Manager : Roles
Characteristic of good project manager: Able to coordinate and facilitate the production Possess knowledge of the basic principles of multimedia authoring Skilled proposal writer Good negotiator Conversant with relevant legal issue Good communication skill Budget management skill Experience in human resource and overall business management

8 Multimedia Writer : Roles
Writing proposals and test screens. Creating Scripting voice-overs and actors' narrations Creating characters, actions, point of view, and interactivity. Characteristic of good writer: Good Background in marketing ability to work within tight deadline

9 Multimedia Programmer : Roles
Integrates all the multimedia elements into a seamless project, using authoring systems or programming language. Writes code lines or scripts in the authoring language - for the display of multimedia elements, and to control various peripheral devices. Design and Manages timings, transitions, and record keeping. Characteristic of good multimedia programmer: Skill in multimedia language and programming High ability to learn new system

10 Multimedia Designer Responsible to analyze content structurally.
They must expert in different media types. Ability to look at information from different point of view 4 categories Graphics designers, illustrators, animators, and image processing specialists deal with visuals, thereby making the project appealing and aesthetic. Instructional designers make sure that the subject matter is presented clearly for the target audience. 3. Interface designers devise the navigational pathways and content maps. 4. Information designers structure content, determine user pathways and feedback, and select presentation media.

11 Interface Designer Creating a software device that organizes content, allows users to access or modify content, and presents that content on the screen. Design a user-friendly interface. Characteristic of good interface designer: Familiar with different multimedia interface Know authoring system

12 Video Specialist Preparing a digital video and Adding a special effect for video files for efficient delivery Managing on How to shoot quality video. Skill on how to transfer the video footage to a computer. The delivery of video files on CD, DVD, or the Web.

13 Audio Specialist Locating and selecting suitable music talent.
Scheduling recording sessions. Digitizing and editing recorded material into computer files.

14 Multimedia Producer for the Web
producers put together a coordinated set of pages for the Web. They also co-ordinate updates and changes.

15 Summary The diverse skills required to create a multimedia project is called the multimedia skill set. Team building refers to activities that help a group and its members function at optimum levels of performance. Roles and responsibilities are assigned to each team member in a multimedia project. Multimedia is a team effort and requires cooperation from the team member.

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