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ACEC Texas Building and Leading High-Performance Teams.

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1 ACEC Texas Building and Leading High-Performance Teams

2 What is a team? A team is a group of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals, and approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable.

3 What is a HIGH PERFORMANCE team? Environment built on trust Guidelines defined business objectives Core Values Accepted norms and behavior A way of working Plugged-in team members Momentum Work-life balance Right DNA

4 Environment Built on Trust Source: Five Dysfunctions of a Team: Peter Lencioni

5 Defined Business Objectives Create Alignment What road are we taking? How are we going to get there?

6 Core Values Honesty/Integrity Loyalty Determination/Perseverance Mutual Respect Limited Distractions Ego Turf Career

7 Accepted Norms and Behavior Healthy debate commonplace status quo continuously challenged Positive reinforcement vs. public displays of dissatisfaction Non performance confronted constructively, in real time Negativity stamped out Full participation at meetings Rapid response to internal clients minutes vs. days (or not at all)

8 A Way of Working Well-designed standards that are used Mechanisms for continuous improvement

9 Empowered Team Members Context is understood Challenged to take on more Control over resources accountable for results Plugged into firm-wide strategies and changes Open lines of communication with internal support resources Access to market intelligence

10 Sense of Urgency Serious about deadlines Serious about not letting their teammates down Experiment and brainstorm when the heat is on resulting in group learning and innovation

11 Momentum They build on ideas with and They never use the term Devils Advocate They are penny- AND pound-wise Over, under, around, through obstacles

12 Work-Life Balance Team members put things in perspective They have fun at work and away from work They have success at work and away from work

13 The Right DNA Can park egos Great communicators Positive energy Passion for excellence Eager to learn Great work ethic Willingness to develop their own skills

14 No Bad Apples! Support publicly, undermine privately Thats not my job Individual agenda overrides group goals Unreliable

15 Other Building Blocks Access to talent Ability to sell the firms vision and values Up-to-date tools Training and development

16 How to Build Something Special Get out of the doer mode Do a whole lot of learning Do a whole lot of practicing Do a whole lot of supporting

17 Meet Charles (Chuck) McKenna, P.E. Runs a Transportation Group at Luncaster, Adams, Marris & Edwards 47 years old Married, 3 Kids All-around good guy Feels overworked, a bit burned-out Favorite phrase: If you want something done right, do it yourself.

18 L.A.M.E.s Mindset

19 Chucks Leadership Philosophy

20 Chucks Thoughts on Delegation

21 But Chucks Team Was Floundering Revenue and profitability kept sliding Quality was dropping Bickering Lousy meetings (or at least thats what he heard) Turnover Not so much fun anymore

22 Chuck Realizes His Doer Took Over Chucks job is to get the right pieces in the right places Accomplish things through others Mentor and delegate

23 Chuck is Drinking the Cool-Aid Sending and Receiving Influencing and Directing the Team Counseling and Coaching Delegation Learning

24 Chuck is Mastering Sending and Receiving He controls his impulse to immediately answer questions He stops himself from arguing mentally He puts all of his energy into listening He ask a lot of questions He speaks clearly, uses language everyone understands He varies tone and pace He keeps verbal and non-verbal communication in sync He gives undivided attention He uses the persons name, smiles, relaxes, is friendly He move from general to the specific

25 Chuck is Building Reliability The elements of a promise The elements of reliability Determining sincerity

26 Elements of a Promise Clear customer Clear performer Clear conditions of satisfaction Finish line Takes place in the future

27 Elements of Reliability Conditions of satisfaction are understood and acceptable to the performer The performer has the competency or access to the competency The performer knows how long it will take The performer has the time to do it The performer has allocated capacity to the task

28 Determining Sincerity What unspoken conversation are you having about the commitment you just made?

29 Chuck is Influencing and Directing the Team! He is doing his own job well Whatever the rules are, he is following them He puts out a solid effort every time He shows maturity and dignity He shows a positive attitude He sells his own position

30 Chuck is getting to know the Team Hes learning their strengths Hes getting a read on their personality types Hes pushing the right buttons

31 Coach Chuck? Chuck is starting to help team members arrive at their own conclusions Hes listening intently, asking more questions, and avoiding giving advice right away Hes getting better results by offering encouragement

32 Chuck is Dishing Off Hes determining the task Hes matching it to his teams strengths He communicates authority, responsibility, objectives, deadlines, and other specific parameters He monitors periodically He gives feedback in real time He rewards/acknowledges performance

33 Chuck Brings the Outside World Inside Hes looking outside of the industry for ideas and inspiration He set up a mastermind for individual and group learning

34 Bringing Unity to the Organization What do our clients need, and do we leverage all that we have under our roof? Look for opportunities to work together that create value Create the communication mechanisms Knock down the barriers to team performance Shift focus to company-wide performance Measure value delivered as an organization

35 What Are You Going to Change? What are you good at? What are you learning to do better? What are you dissatisfied with? What needs more of your attention?

36 3 Must-Dos for High Performance Build and share your knowledge Build and share your network Share your compassion

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