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©Markéta Čeřovská, Lenka Lexová Future career. ©Markéta Čeřovská, Lenka Lexová Name the jobs or professions:

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1 ©Markéta Čeřovská, Lenka Lexová Future career

2 ©Markéta Čeřovská, Lenka Lexová Name the jobs or professions:

3 ©Markéta Čeřovská, Lenka Lexová an artist TV presenter a politician a super model a gardener a scientist a life guard an accountant a bank clerk Match the words and pictures:

4 ©Markéta Čeřovská, Lenka Lexová Match together part-time summer work as work/ job earn day/ night a high/ low work for be working a)hours b)money c)shift d)unemployed e)work f)a cashier g)experience h)salary i)job j)a well-known company

5 ©Markéta Čeřovská, Lenka Lexová Talk about: What job did you want to do when you were a child? When I was little I wanted to be … because… What type of work are you interested in now? I'd like to work as … because / My dream job is … because… Is it hard for you to decide what career you should choose? It's difficult for me because… / It's easy for me because… What is a good and interesting job for you? What is important for you about a job? I think that … / In my opinion … is important because…

6 ©Markéta Čeřovská, Lenka Lexová Talk about your parents: What is their job? Do they like it? Would you like to do the same job? Why? Why not? How would you characterize it? interesting, well-paid, stressful, boring, time demanding, full time job, part time job, manual work …

7 ©Markéta Čeřovská, Lenka Lexová What qualities are needed for different jobs? confident careful aggressive moody selfish sensitive honest modest stubborn mean hard-working lazy mean calm thoughtful shy generous cheerful easy-going logical miserable energetic outgoing reliable active talkative decisive brave

8 ©Markéta Čeřovská, Lenka Lexová Advertisement If you look for a job you can read adverts in the media or on the Internet The advertisement should include: a short description of the job condition of work and salary The applicants usually write a letter to the company and enclose their curriculum vitae

9 ©Markéta Čeřovská, Lenka Lexová Curriculum vitae It includes the following information Contact information – name, address, telephone, e-mail address Personal information – date and place of birth, nationality Education – secondary school, university Work experience/history Qualification – certificates, IT skills, languages, driving licence Interests Source:, E. and A. Peck: Let's Talk, Fraus, 1999

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