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David Hunter ILO Department of Statistics

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1 David Hunter ILO Department of Statistics
Status of implementation of the International Standard Classification of Occupations David Hunter ILO Department of Statistics Meeting of the Expert Group on International Statistical Classifications New York, May 2013 ILO Department of Statistics

2 International Standard Classification of Occupations (ISCO)
Until recently, most countries used national occupation classifications based on the (now out of date) ISCO-88 Current version was endorsed by the ILO Governing Body in 2008: For this reason it is known as ISCO-08 Structure and group definitions available on ILO Website or on request Published in English in 2012 French, Spanish and Russian versions are available and shortly to be published Used in European Union collections from 2010 onwards Structure available in all EU languages on request Hierarchically structured classification comprising: 10 major groups 43 sub-major groups 130 minor groups 436 unit groups Many countries have updated or are currently updating their national occupation classifications to align with ISCO-08 ILO Department of Statistics

3 ISCO - Support for implementation
Publication and dissemination in book form and on web: Introduction Classification structure Group Definitions Correspondence tables with ISCO-88 Index of occupational titles (Volume 2) Manual on adapting ISCO for use in national and regional settings Provision of training on a regional or sub-regional basis Provision of technical assistance and advice directly to countries, subject to resource availability Assistance with and review of correspondences between national classifications and ISCO-08 International Standard Classification of Occupations, 2008 (ISCO-08)

4 19th International Conference of Labour Statisticians (ICLS) – 2-11 October 2013
Resolution concerning statistics of work and of the labour force To update the international standards for statistics of the economically active population, employment, unemployment and underemployment, New measures of labour underutilization. Introduction of an overarching conceptual framework for statistics on work Forms of work to include Employment Production of goods and services for own consumption, Volunteer work Trainee work Movement in boundary between employment and other forms of work Restricts employment to work undertaken with the expectation of remuneration. Potential consequences for ISCO, ICSE and ICATUS Case for an update or revision of ISCO Options for replacement of ICSE-93 ILO Department of Statistics

5 SNA production boundary General production boundary
Conceptual framework for work statistics and relation to SNA production boundary SNA production boundary General production boundary ILO Department of Statistics

6 Problems that would require a major revision
Issues that might be addressed in the event of a revision or update of ISCO-08 Problems that would require a major revision Breadth of Skill level 2 Other issues that could be addressed in context of a minor update Additional detail in some areas Movement of some small occupational groups between major groups Eliminate separate identification of subsistence farmers, fishers, hunters and gatherers ILO Department of Statistics

7 Table 1: Mapping of ISCO-08 major groups to skill levels
1 - Managers 3 + 4 2 - Professionals 4 3 - Technicians and associate professionals 3 4 - Clerical support workers 5 - Service and sales workers 6 - Skilled agricultural and fishery workers 7 - Craft and related trades workers 8 - Plant and machine operators, and assemblers 2 9 - Elementary occupations 1 0 –Armed forces occupations 1, 2 + 4 ISCO-08 – Conceptual Basis and Design of the Classification

8 Issues that could be addressed in the context of a minor update
Further breakdown for specialist medical practitioners Specialist medical practitioners Medical technologists Operators of small bars, cafés and restaurants Operators of small hotels, bed and breakfasts and guest houses. Subsistence Farmers, Fishers, Hunters and Gatherers Removal of a sub-major group! Home improvements installers Vehicle accessory fitters Trades Assistants ILO Department of Statistics

9 Consultations in advance of ICLS
ILO will seek comments on the issues identified above and invite experts to identify any further issues and potential solutions. Include any issues arising from report of Working Group on International Classifications of the Statistical Conference of the Americas Circulation of expanded version of this paper to TEG-ISCO and other specialists in occupation classification ILO Department of Statistics

10 Report to 19th ICLS Consolidated report to be circulated in advance of the ICLS and provided as a room document during the conference. ICLS will be invited to consider the issues identified in the room document, and provide advice on whether: There is a case for a minor update, to be completed in a period of one to two years and restricted to adjustments at a detailed level to allow separate identification of some occupational groups; There is a case for a wider review, to be completed over a longer timeframe and allowing more significant structural changes to be considered (effectively a 10 year review cycle); It is preferable for no work on updating ISCO-08 to take place for the time being, with the result that there would be no mandate to update ISCO until after the 20th ICLS. ILO Department of Statistics

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