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“Delivering an Effective Work Experience Program”

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1 “Delivering an Effective Work Experience Program”
Jody A. Toner WORKFORCE CENTRAL FLORIDA, Special Projects Director December 16, 2010

2 What is Work Experience?
The WIA Regulations say… Work experiences are planned, structured learning experiences that take place in a workplace for a limited period of time. Designed to enable job seekers to gain exposure to the working world and its requirements. Provide career exploration and skill development Not designed to benefit employer directly however, based on work performed employer benefits

3 Key Ingredients Solid project design Effective outreach campaign
Extensive staff training Dedicated project team Employer Relationships

4 Key Ingredients Board involvement Accountability and accessibility
Pre-Inspection worksite visits Comprehensive monitoring structure

5 Key Ingredients Low staff : participant ratios
Strict worksite supervisor : intern ratios Formal intern performance evaluation process

6 Keys Ingredients Timing of the economy Success stories
Customer satisfaction survey process for employers and job seekers ROI – win win for employers and job seekers

7 Program Facts Funded through WIA Paid internships
Employers write the job descriptions and make candidate selections

8 Program Facts Payroll methods: Direct deposit or Pay Partners
WCF is the employer of record Variety of models based on programmatic design

9 WCF’s Work Experience Initiatives

10 Work Experience Initiatives
Three WIA funded initiatives: Re-Employment Connection CAREER TRACK Connection Summer Job Connection

11 Re-Employment Connection
WIA Adults & Dislocated Workers ages 22 and up Rate: 10.00/hour Hours: 40 hrs/week Duration: 12 weeks Total earnings: $4,800

12 Re-Employment Connection
New extended model: Private sector only Combination of WIA Adult & DW funds Goal: 118 enrollments Rate: 12.00/hour Hours: 40 hrs/week Duration: weeks Earnings Range: $9,600-$12,480

13 CAREER TRACK Connection
WIA Youth: Out-of-school, ages 18-21 Rate: 8.50/hour Hours: 30 hrs/week Duration: 12 weeks Total earnings: $3,060 Goal: 125 enrollments

14 Summer Job Connection WIA Youth ages 16-21 Rate: 8.25/hour
Hours: 35 hrs/week Two tracks: Track 1: ISY – 6 weeks Track 2: OSY- 11 weeks Incentives tied to performance evaluations Earnings Range: $1, $3,176.25

15 Worksites

16 Worksites Worksites are comprised of: non-profit, government agencies and private-for-profit* Private sector positions must be in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Top 20 demand occupations in Central Florida as defined by our Board

17 Top 20 Occupations Administrative Services Managers
Booking, Accounting and Auditing Clerks Cardiovascular Technologists & Technicians Chefs & Head Cooks Computer Programmers Computer Support Specialists Dental Assistants Executive Secretaries and Administrative Assistants Heating, A.C., and Refrigeration Mechanics & Installers Licensed Practical Nurses Massage Therapists Medical & Health Services Manager Medical Assistant Medical & Clinical Laboratory Technology Medical Records & Health Information Technicians Medical Secretary Network and Computer Systems Administrators Physical Therapist Assistant Registered Nurse Truck Drivers Top 20 Occupations

18 Application Process Online application process
SNAP web-based application Dedicated address and hotline # for inquiries/questions Accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis Employers write the job descriptions and make candidate selections

19 Quality Worksites Upfront communication of WCF’s “high expectations and support” Casting the vision of WCF’s project Upfront commitment and understanding from employers Eliminate the stereotype – this is not a free labor program

20 Quality Worksites Worksites are required to complete a detailed training plan for each requested position Effective worksite supervisory manual, training and online manual Thorough onsite weekly/biweekly worksite monitoring with new instruments each week

21 Pre-Inspection Monitoring
Thorough review of the online applications is completed Initial pre-inspection worksite monitoring is conducted within two weeks from completed application Monitoring ensures that the worksite is a safe environment and program requirements/standards are explained and understood

22 Pre-Inspection Monitoring
Monitoring tool is reviewed, maintenance of efforts discussed Training plan reviewed/finalized Brief overview of the work experience program occurs with worksite staff (CEO, Executive Director and/or Supervisor) Required REC paperwork is provided WCF Media Release form REC Worksite Supervisor Manual WCF Worksite Agreement

23 Recruitment Events REC & CTC programs: SJC Monthly Recruitment events
Worksite supervisory training occurs Job matching through a speed dating approach SJC 1 day process/8 hour event per county CES training for youth Ends with Job Fair event

24 Recruitment Events Employers make candidate selections
Employer feedback phenomenal Job seekers exposed to real world experiences Worksite referral form- carbon copy

25 Worksite Role Joint partnership with RWB
Provide mentoring to program participants Treat employees as regular employees Open lines of communication with RWB assigned Career Specialist /Worksite Monitors Timesheet completion and tracking Involvement in ongoing worksite monitoring Consider interns for any vacant positions

26 Job Seekers

27 Job Seekers Must meet WIA eligibility requirements and suitability
Webinar & Online application process Initial Appointment: Registration & On-boarding paperwork Level 1 background check conducted Due to employer/employee relationship WCF cannot provide the results to the employers

28 Employability Skills Employability skills training is a mandatory requirement Customized training based on target population Soft skills include: interviewing techniques, 30-second commercial, resume writing etc. Youth: Work Readiness skills attainment

29 WCF’s Stats Program Online Applications Enrollments Performance Goals
REC - Job Seekers 6,262 12/7/10: 862 Multi PY goal: 1126 Placements: 262 48% with host worksite REC - Employers 267 201 Over 862 intern positions have been developed Non Profit:  49.6% Government:  14.7% Private:  35.7% WCF’s Stats

30 WCF’s Stats Program Online Applications Enrollments Performance Goals
SJC Youth 6,421 1,200 Work Readiness Goal – 95% 32 placements at host worksite SJC Employers 429 225 N/A SJC Youth 3,712 754 Work Readiness Goal – 89% Positive Outcome Rate- 85% SJC 2010 Employers 217 132 WCF’s Stats

31 Measure Success Utilize a variety of media: video, newsletters, letters, etc. Share with key stakeholders SJC Video documentary 2009 & 2010

32 Measure Success Capturing success stories and posting on our website
Annual “Awards of Excellence” for worksites and interns Performance goals

33 Best Practices Online Application process
Customer Service Representative triage team WE Summits/Recruitment Events Video Documentary Designed and implemented an effective journaling approach the “Portfolio”

34 Resource Links Description Link WCF website
WCF’s Internship page Employer Online Application Employer FAQ’s Re-Employment Connection CAREER TRACK Connection Success Stories

35 Questions

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