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An explanation written by Lachlan Kenneally

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1 An explanation written by Lachlan Kenneally
How do staplers work ? An explanation written by Lachlan Kenneally

2 Parts which make up a stapler
1=metal head 2=magazine 3=anvil 4=base 5=staples 6=pin 7=springs 8=hanger

3 Introduction A stapler is a very helpful and useful tool. It can be used in many places e.g. Work or at home. Staplers are a school utensil.

4 Description Staplers vary in shape. They can also be different colors and sizes. Staplers have 8 parts to them. It consists of mainly the head (1)and the base (4). The magazine (2) is connected to the head and holds the staples (5). The hangar (8) connects the head to the base. At the back of the stapler is the pin which lets the head swing up to load staples.

5 Description of stapler parts 2
Inside the stapler are springs (7). One spring pushes the staples down the magazine to reload the stapler. The other pulls the stapler back up after it has stapled the document. On the base there is an anvil (3) which is a metal plate that the staple is forced into. This makes the staple bend and hold the pages together.

6 How it works!!! The body is opened which causes the spring to move with the body. Then the staples are loaded. The thing you want to staple is placed on the metal plate called the anvil. When pressure is applied to the top of the stapler the magazine is pushed down on the paper, the front staple is moved down the magazine. The two points of the front staple are forced through the paper and contact the anvil. The ends of the staple are forced into a groove on the anvil. Pressure forces the staple to bend and locks the pages together.

7 When and where it is used
The stapler’s main use is to bind documents together. It is used in lots of places like home, work and schools. Staplers are even in the medical world for example in surgery to hold human tissue together.

8 Conclusion The stapler is a tool made up of 8 main parts.
Its main use is to bind various things together.

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