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1 Deliver. Manage. Connect.


3 Deliver. Manage. Connect. Who Are We?

4 GIGMARK INTERACTIVE MEDIA Privately Held Company, founded in 2008 Headquarters: Knoxville, TN Offices: New York, Houston, Detroit *Full service design and programming team with top-tier, national brand and media experience *U.S. Patents Pending on multiple elements of proprietary technology and business processes Deliver. Manage. Connect.

5 Interactive Flash Drive Platform _ Deliver. Manage. Connect.

6 What is an Interactive Flash Drive?

7 Deliver. Manage. Connect. A cost-effective, cutting edge marketing tool that tracks and generates leads 24/7 utilizing our proprietary IFD that allows constant real- time updates and monitoring in a tangible, highly customized brandable unit.

8 Imagine being able to connect with your audience, providing a streamlined media delivery across multiple platforms as you build a detailed customer database allowing you to track, measure and respond while increasing efficiency, reducing costs and going green. All without being tied to the internet!

9 How does it work?

10 The GIGMARK Interactive Flash Drive consists of four primary elements

11 Element 1: A high-speed USB 2.0 flash memory storage drive, in virtually any shape, style or custom designed embodiment, with memory capacity ranging from 128MB up to 8GB. Gigmark IFD with Branding & Logo Unique Shapes that Deliver Concepts Custom Shapes that Reinforce Branding Deliver. Manage. Connect.

12 Element 2: Custom designed software with a stunning user interface that delivers multimedia content embedded on the Gigmark IFD & beyond to targeted end-users. Deliver. Manage. Connect. Mac & Windows Compatible Element 2…

13 Element 3: Web-based Content Management System CMS and Executive Dashboard that enables administrators to control, edit, and update the content on the IFD and mobile applications. Deliver. Manage. Connect. Element 3… CMS: Project Flexibility Demographic Reporting and Customer Preference Measurement

14 Deliver. Manage. Connect. Element 4: Mobile applications and sites managed from one unified back-end system. Element 4… Interact with Targets Across: iPhone Android Mobile Browser Sites PLUS the Desktop All controlled from ONE CMS!

15 Deliver. Manage. Connect. Deliver. Manage. Connect.

16 A high-quality Gigmark IFD reflects the brand, colors, logo and value that your organization delivers to its customers and distributors in a tangible, highly customizable form! =

17 Deliver. Manage. Connect. Then the IFD software delivers the goods to the desktop…

18 …and to Mobile users when appropriate Deliver. Manage. Connect.

19 While the back-end CMS provides the analytics… Manage and measure your IFD and Mobile audiences from one Unified analytics area integrated into the web- based Content Management System!

20 Deliver. Manage. Connect. …and the ability to manage the content and branding!

21 Deliver. Manage. Connect. What about the web and social media? The Gigmark IFD works with your existing web presence and complements social media efforts like Facebook... Use Facebook to Recruit Deliver the IFD to Connect Create a VIP user base Positive Feedback Loop!

22 Deliver. Manage. Connect. How simple is that !

23 Deliver. Manage. Connect. The Gigmark CMS/CRM Bestows your Marketing Team and Executives with Real-Time IFD and Mobile App Usage Data and a Secure Customer Database with Detailed User Information (not just IP Addresses) PLUS the Ability to Manage all of the Content Distributed on the IFDs The Robust Back-End Does It All…

24 Desktop and / or Mobile Alerts Speak Directly to Users… Deliver. Manage. Connect. Flexible CMS/CRM System Can Manage IFD Application And Users PLUS Mobile Apps (iPhone / Android / Mobile Browser) When Appropriate (e.g. During Events Or As Preferred By Users) Be Present Everywhere With One Simple System!

25 Deliver. Manage. Connect. Web-Based or Mobile CMS and CRM = Total Control… Admins can even Control and Measure IFD Content Online or On-The Go

26 Deliver. Manage. Connect. How about a recap?

27 User Benefits... Deliver. Manage. Connect. Everything about your brand and service in a unique bundle that touches all screens (desktop and mobile) Opportunity to Gain Unique Benefits either Online and Offline Entertaining, Informative, Educational and Super-charged No Website URLs To Remember – Just Open the IFD or App Intuitive Interface Makes Finding Information a Snap Content is customized for me and benefits are real Immediate updates and changes in real-time Eliminate catalogs

28 Content Owner Benefits… Deliver. Manage. Connect. Go Direct to Audience both Physically and Virtually with IFD Deliver immediate product or price changes that will update upon log-in Improve Marketing ROI Obliterate the Competition with Audience Engagement Build Detailed Customer Database - Track, Measure, Respond Track Interactions User-by-User and Measure Web Traffic Referrals Capture the desktop and mobile and manage it from ONE spot Reduce Printing Costs while Going Green

29 Interactive Flash Drive Deliver. Manage. Connect.

30 THE CONTENTS OF THIS PRESENTATION ARE CONFIDENTIAL Deliver. Manage. Connect. Gigmark LLC 920 Volunteer Landing Lane, Suite 201 Knoxville, TN 37915 865-584-9740 Facebook: Gigmark Interactive Media Follow us on Twitter @Gigmark


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