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Welcome Back! Job Openings: Where & How Personal contacts School career planning and placement offices Education Fairs Internship Fairs Job Fairs National.

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2 Welcome Back!

3 Job Openings: Where & How Personal contacts School career planning and placement offices Education Fairs Internship Fairs Job Fairs National and local newspapers Professional journals Trade magazines Internet resources Professional associations Private employment agencies and career consultants

4 Interested to Continue Your Education in the United States?

5 Educational Opportunities Attending Education Fairs Learning about the educational programs in the United States by viewing EducationUSA webpage: Attending the General Admission Session held at the EducationUSA advising center at AMIDEAST

6 The Admissions Package Application form and fee Transcript or School Records TOEFL SAT/GRE/GMAT scores Recommendation letters Statement of Purpose Portfolio Writing Sample Proof of financial capability Work experience (graduates) Interview

7 What About Your Resume?

8 Identification Data Career Objective Educational Background Employment Experience Activities Skills References (often not included in CV) Resume

9 Types of Resumes Education Purpose Resume Functional Chronological

10 Resume For Education Purposes Add your latest and highest level of education Grades or GPA For students graduated in the past three years or more need to add academic honors or extracurricular leadership roles Graduation dates could be optional especially with long years of experience Training and internship experience Work experience

11 Functional Resume A functional résumé lists work experience Skills sorted by skill area or job function Matching the person to the job offer This format directly emphasizes specific professional capabilities and utilizes experience summaries as its primary means of communicating professional competency Useful for people switching careers Useful for jobs that need special skills or unique personal traits

12 Chronological Resume A chronological resumé itemizes a candidate's job experiences in reverse chronological order The most common resumé layout in use In using this format, the main body of the document becomes the Professional Experience section, starting from the most recent experience going chronologically backwards through a succession of previous experience The chronological résumé works to build credibility through experience gained, while illustrating career growth over time

13 Organizing Your Resume

14 Do…….. Research companies/positions before preparing your resume or CV Focus on your Career Objectives Customize your CV for the job target Keep it focused and concise. Entry Level – 1 (2 max.) page 10 to 15 years of experience: 2-3 pages Present yourself accurately and positively. Back up accomplishments with figures

15 Do………. Use action verbs and specifics to describe your experience Use active, energetic language Use basic formatting. Dont get overly fancy with italics, graphics, Ensure that the CV is error-free before submitting it Get someone else to look at it Print it on good quality A4 paper Emphasize numerical accomplishments: time saved, money saved, amounts

16 Dont………….. Exaggerate or lie Add any abbreviations Use colored paper Add any redundant information Add irrelevant information (hobbies, marital status etc.) Add any unnecessary words like duties include, or responsible for

17 Career Guidance In University: Whom To Approach International student offices Internship Fairs College Fairs Optional Practical Training

18 Interviewing Tips

19 Career Guidance: Interviews Train yourself on your responses Know your audience Talk to alumni Learn the exact timing Prepare your resume Dress code Be there on time If by phone: make sure to train your tone of voice and your response speed and quality If via Skype: make sure to test your PC and learn if it is a video call or a voice call

20 Case Studies

21 CASE Study Day 1: Most Popular Interview Questions Mohamed graduated with high records: 96% from a technical middle institute. He developed interest to apply to the United States. The Unity Scholarship seeks potential candidates with high GPAs and excellent well rounded characters, as well as people who developed skills in the field of development and social entrepreneurship, to complete their Bachelor degree in the United States in the related field and Mohamed applied to Unity Scholarship. Mohameds field interest is in automotive technology but he applied to Unity Scholarship. Although his grades are excellent, he did not own much extracurricular activities / volunteer work during college. Despite the fact, Unity Scholarship invited Mohamed for an interview. Mohamed was asked two important questions: In two groups, one volunteer will play the role of Mohamed from one group and two volunteers from the second group will play the role of the committee members. The panelists should prepare two questions ask Mohamed the two important questions. Develop the two questions, and allow Mohamed to introduce the response. 10 mins for preparations and 10 mins for presentation.

22 CASE Study Day Two: Introducing a Scholarship Introduce a scholarship eligibility criteria. Your organization offered a $150 million scholarship to fund 10 students to study at Community Colleges in the United States, in the fields of agriculture, biotechnology and water environmental technology. In two groups A and B: Group A: role is to bring out the eligibility criteria, Group B: develop the possible admission requirements relative to the scholarship. 20mins for preparations and 10 mins for presentation.

23 How We Can Help Free presentations on application steps, student visas, U.S. life, and more! Specialized library collections DVCs, chats, and other virtual U.S. study events Test registration services Scholarship program information Assistance filling out application forms Document/true copy certification Individual Consultations!

24 Thank you and Good Luck! Website: Telephone: 19263 E-mail: Facebook: Study USA-Egypt Twitter: @EducationUSAEG

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