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Technicalities. Presenters Nishanta Khanal Suresh Manandhar David Nhemaphuki Upendra Oli Niroj Shrestha.

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1 Technicalities

2 Presenters Nishanta Khanal Suresh Manandhar David Nhemaphuki Upendra Oli Niroj Shrestha

3 Points of Discussion Servers Clients Data Storage Data Format Technical Issues


5 OSM Servers Servers named as dragons as in here be the dragons Servers are located in various places People can even build their own OSM servers

6 A Sample List of Running Servers As of 2013 March

7 Building your own OSM Server!!! Do we need to build our own OSM server? No, The data is available on the internet and maintaining a server is a tough job Then why build an OSM Server? Ever thought of displaying thematic maps from OSM maps? Check out

8 The steps are simple Install a server (preferably Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 LTS) Get the data (download it) Install the database Mapnik from source to render maps You are ready to go!!


10 OSM Clients We all use OSM data so shouldnt we all be clients? Not on technical terms. Clients are day to day devices or computers accessing and downloading OSM data One can configure any modern device with a computer chip into an OSM client

11 Devices capable of Running OSM

12 Requisites for a device to be a Client No requirements needed to be fulfilled in particular. Device needs a software capable of downloading and displaying OSM data. Device needs to be capable of running the software.

13 Some Software used to access OSM data JOSM E-OSM Client Potlatch (an online tool) Name, LinkGenreLanguageDescription free materials AddisMapLocal, POI English, Deutsch Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) City Map with POI locator ? Bigmap [1]RenderEnglishTool to create big mapsYes BigTinCan MapsSpeed limitEnglish Asia map that displays max speed, too Yes BuioMetria Partecipativa Crowd, Weather italiano Displays darkness of the sky measured with Sky Quality Meter. ? Bicycle Routes by Pifpafpuf Biking, Export, GPS, Planning, Tool English Create and download gpx tracks or edit your uploaded ones for planning routes by bike. Partial (OSM Mapnik + Openlayer ) ChimèreTool, Mashupfrançais OSM based Portal framework to add own POIs on top. Yes CrowdmapSocial, CrowdEnglish collect social or crisis data and display them on a map ? digitaler-lageplanToolDeutschOSM data in various formats ? Distance CalculatorToolEnglish Create paths, measure length and export to.GPX or.KMZ ?

14 Some Blocked Softwares Some applications for phones and desktop computers that download far too many map images from osm server that slows down the servers, it also makes it harder for our mappers to draw the maps – which is osm whole reason for being. At one point one single application was responsible for 30% of the traffic going through osm servers. OSM has a clear tile usage policy which asks applications making heavy use to set up their own map image servers, or use third party servers. E.g. Mobile Atlas Creator, NaviComputer, Locus, OPenMaps, OMaps

15 OSM Data Storage

16 Where can be data stored? Server Clients Other data storage devices


18 Database statistics as of 28 th March 2013

19 This curious map of the world, shows the result of dividing the OpenStreet Map dataset into quarters until each of these vecto r tiles is less than 32MB in size. An experiment by Eric Fischervecto r tiles

20 OSM Data Format

21 OSM data format OSM uses a topological data structure. Four core elements (data primitives). Nodes Ways Relations Tags

22 Nodes Nodes Represent points. These are stored as a pair of latitude and longitude. Used Waypoints as well.

23 Ways These are, in general, ordered list of nodes. Ways represent lines or polygons. Ways can be open line string or closed loop

24 Relations It is used to represent the relation among nodes and ways(i.e. its members) Each member can have a role in the relation. Unlike nodes and ways these dont represent geography.

25 Tags Tags represent attributes. They are stored as pairs of keys and values. Tags always come with node, way or a relation and not on their own

26 OSM Technical Issues

27 Not much to talk about... So far, known issues have originated in tools and not OSM itself A known issue is that the node identifiers exceeded the number that integer data type can hold.

28 References

29 Thank You! Any queries?

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