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MOBILE GIS FOR ENTERPRISE Jaak Laineste, founder Geospatial World Forum, Rotterdam, 2013.

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1 MOBILE GIS FOR ENTERPRISE Jaak Laineste, founder Geospatial World Forum, Rotterdam, 2013

2 Outline 1. GIS and IT trends from mobile context 2. Challenges with mobile GIS 3. Solutions in the market 4. Nutiteq mobile SDK solution

3 Background Regio – leading local GIS provider Reach-U – leading LBS provider for Ericsson globally Nutiteq – mobile GIS developer, globally Local OpenStreetMap community lead

4 GIS trends 1. IT trends in general Workstations PC Web Cloud Mobile computing Smartphones Tablets 2. GIS follows same path Mobile computing is not there yet

5 Web 2.0 after Google Maps Geodata is not special anymore Google has solved many GIS problems Show location(s) – web, mobile Show way from A to B Geocoding Navigation Google impact Geo is now simple, and free Geospatial is familiar


7 Web traffic 2013 Source:, March 2013

8 Mobile traffic 2013 Source:, March 2013

9 Mobile world trends 2012 – IDC data: Desktop will be replaced by tablets

10 Mobile issues Many platforms (still) Windows Mobile/CE Android, iOs, Windows 8, BlackBerry 10, Ubuntu mobile,... Hardware limit CPU, battery, screen size, controls (keys, pointer), connectivity Software limits New software is needed

11 Platforms – tablets

12 Mobile geodata challenges Data protection Device management tools, BYOD Database encryption GIS usability Maps love big screen Touch editing Data size Mobile storage: 10...50 GB SSD Connectivity Mobile bandwidth: WiFi <20Mbps, 3+G <2Mbps Not always online – data synchronization Software Limited, expensive to develop

13 Mobile GIS solution examples Basic maps Google Maps for Android Apple MapKit TomTom SDK: Android and iOs Nokia Maps SDK MapQuest SDK GIS-specialized ESRI ArcGIS Mobile Nutiteq maps SDK Open Source OpenLayers Mobile HTML Route-me iOS derivates Android projects

14 Specialized solution examples Map rendering CloudMade – MapDroyd for Android Recce – iOs game-like maps CartoType – windows Mapsforge Turn-by-turn Navigation Sygic NaviGenie SDK Copilot Live

15 GIS mobile client apps ArcGIS for iOS and Android Google Earth MapBox iOS General Features: Connect to one cloud Basic editing Measure, GPS

16 Nutiteq Established 2006 MGMaps J2ME – 3+ M endusers Trapster – 20 M endusers, BB, J2ME Own apps – Nuticharts, Offline maps etc Customer base: Skobbler, Boeing, BEA Systems, BBVA, CloudMade, Trapster etc Developer community: 2000+

17 Nutiteq Maps SDK

18 Nutiteq SDK Wide range of data formats WMS, WFS, GeoTIFF, Shape, SpatiaLite... Offline and online Integrated Mapsforge, MBTiles, MGMaps... Editing Online WFS, offline SpatiaLite... 2D and 3D controls Custom 3D models on map

19 Utilities management app

20 WFS vector data client app

21 WMS with FeatureInfo

22 End-user application 2.5D

23 More advanced routing

24 Drivetime zones

25 3D city

26 Rotterdam 3D

27 Indoor 3D

28 Nutiteq SDK usage Download and develop for free Sample code http://nutiteq.github.io project OpenSource data connectors Commercial partnerships welcome Map content Application/solution implementation Distribution

29 Thank you! Jaak Laineste CEO, Nutiteq

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