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Can You Use the Internet to Teach SBB Students? An Old Dog Learns New Tricks! By Janet L. Vincent.

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1 Can You Use the Internet to Teach SBB Students? An Old Dog Learns New Tricks! By Janet L. Vincent

2 Objectives Demonstrate the role of the internet in SBB distance learning programs Provide encouragement for all programs to start their own distance SBB program Compare and contrast onsite students with distance students

3 How Did I Get Started? Daria Hill from Idaho asked for my help in studying for the SBB exam. I said yes, if you wont make it too hard on me - stay in line with my students here. I mailed her objectives and reading assignments. Sent her the exams using Test Quick.

4 CLS Distance Program CLS already had started a distance arm to their program. CLS chair encouraged me to try it.

5 Forced to Learn FrontPage Current boss said you will put the laboratory tests on-line. Struggled with first website! Now I have 5 websites I am in charge of.

6 Found WebCT UTMB had a software program for providing tests on the internet - FREE. So now I had FrontPage knowledge and a way to give tests First guinea pig

7 First Distance student Could Grandfather exam Knew that she was the guinea pig Willing and able to try it. Made many mistakes!

8 Students Last Year Only by word of mouth 4 distance and 3 onsite Vicki from Tennessee, Eissa - Saudi Arabia, Lari - past employee Marnee - SC, Elizabeth - Louisiana, Brenda - Texas, Denise - Kansas City Area

9 Current Students 11 students started August 2002 2 UTMB employees 2 onsite students 6 distance students 1 distance student auditing program

10 Results 15 students in three years 6 distance, 9 onsite Distance 3 passed ASCP 3 did not pass Onsite 7 passed ASCP 1 did not 1 to take exam

11 How the program is organized All students are here the First Week. All objectives and reading assignments online Took old written tests and put into WebCT Asked all lectures to provide PowerPoint slides with notes Added homework and Lab assignments Clinical work is done by checklists Midterm and Final Practical

12 How the program is organized, continued All students keep notebooks which I review Case studies or research projects must be completed Presentations must be done and evaluated Must do Transfusion Observations

13 Things I learned All students must keep to a set schedule Homework is critical Provide worksheets for answers to practical Distance students think they are missing out on what the onsite students get. Get the mentors involved in the training - grading practicals.

14 Distance Vs Onsite Students Distance Students Organize their time Expect to do the reading Think they are not getting all information the onsite students are Do well on the exams Onsite students Hear about the lack of time to do things Dont do the reading – expect to hear it a lecture Do well on exams Need more time commitment

15 You Can Do This We must find a way to continue the expertise in all aspects of blood banking Teaching students to pass the SBB ASCP exam is not the purpose of the SBB programs!

16 Contact Information 409-772-4866

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