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Welcome to the Wonders of Physics, 2010 The Physics of Sports.

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1 Welcome to the Wonders of Physics, 2010 The Physics of Sports



4 After the show… Visit the Wonders of Physics gift shop and purchase a T- shirt for $10! Visit the Ingersoll Physics Museum


6 The Wonders of Physics Traveling Show can visit your school! Over 1000 traveling shows have been presented to 100,000+ students in Wisconsin and 31 other states. Wonders of Physics shows make a great science assembly program for school groups of all grade levels. Google Wonders of Physics Traveling Show for more information.



9 Dont miss the Physics Fair! Saturday, February 20 from 11 am to 4 pm Hands-on activities and lab tours Meet scientists and students Free and open to the public. No tickets required Located in Chamberlin Hall


11 Donations are welcome! Donations help us continue to present The Wonders of Physics year after year! Find the donation bin outside of the lecture room.



14 This show is dedicated to the memory of Converse Connie H. Blanchard (1923-2009).



17 Physics Demonstrations: A Sourcebook for Teachers of Physics Professor Clint Sprotts book is a great resource for any science teacher. It contains detailed descriptions of 85 physics demonstrations used in The Wonders of Physics. It is accompanied by two DVDs showing all 85 demonstrations presented to a live audience. It is available on for $36.00


19 Professor Clint Sprott Since 1984, Professor Sprott has presented The Wonders of Physics. He became a Professor of Physics at UW-Madison in 1973. His research is in plasma physics and chaos.



22 Dont miss Science Expeditions 2010! Saturday, April 10 th, 2010, all over campus Over 40 exploration stations with hands-on activities Science Spectaculars –Wonders of Physics –Fusion Science Theater Google Science Expeditions 2010 for more schedule and more.



25 Wonders of Physics shows are available on DVD and online! Order any of the past 26 years of shows on DVD, or order the whole set! Watch all of the past shows online. Google Wonders of Physics DVD for more information.


27 The 27 th year of The Wonders of Physics! The first Wonders of Physics shows were in 1984. The shows were inspired by UW Chemistry Professor Bassam Shakhashiris Once Upon a Christmas Cheery lectures. Professor Sprott and friends have presented 200+ shows to over 60,000 people!


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