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Shepreth Wildlife Park, UK Green Tourism Business Scheme.

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1 Shepreth Wildlife Park, UK Green Tourism Business Scheme

2 Shepreth Animal Sanctuary 1979 Shepreth Wildlife Park began as a refuge & release centre for injured and unwanted British wildlife

3 Shepreth Animal Sanctuary

4 Shepreth Wildlife Park Foxes would have to fend for themselves now in Cambridge … 2001

5 Shepreth Wildlife Park 10 Year Development Plan 2001 - 2011 From Rescue Centre to Wildlife Park 2011 - 2021 From Wildlife Park to conservation focused attraction

6 Shepreth Wildlife Park Phase 1 Setting green targets Seeking accreditation GTBS

7 GT Business Scheme National sustainable tourism certification scheme Only national scheme to be independently validated by the International Centre for Responsible Tourism (ICRT) On behalf of VisitEngland, VisitWales & the N. Ireland Tourist Board, endorsed by VisitScotland & Failte Ireland Businesses joining Green Tourism are assessed by a qualified grading advisor against a rigorous set of criteria

8 GT Business Scheme Good practice in all areas. Improved efficiency, review of all activities undertaken or influenced by the business & full legal compliance Excellent practice in all areas. Significant achievements to improve efficiency, purchase responsibly, involve customers, contribute to local economy, culture and community. Outstanding and exemplary best practice in all areas. Thorough and focused approach to sustainability and providing a quality and enhanced experience for all stakeholders.

9 GT Business Members Scotland 812 South West 402 South East 158 North West 171 North East 84 West Midlands 62 East England 113 East Midlands 58 Yorkshire 101 London 145 Wales 112 Channel Islands 18 Northern Ireland 17 Ireland 23 Isle of Man 3 Canada 28 Total 2307

10 GT Business Members

11 GTBS Structure Pre-Inspection Audit Criteria requirements Current awarding level Suggested improvement areas

12 Shepreth 2011 70K Visitors 30 staff Recycling & fruit donations Conservation fundraising GTBS current recommendation: SILVER Inspection 12 months later …

13 Awarding Criteria 1.Compulsory compliance with legislation 2.Management & Marketing 3.Social Involvement & Communication 4.Energy 5.Water 6.Purchasing 7.Waste 8.Transport 9.Natural & Cultural Heritage 10.Innovation

14 1. Legislation CCF - Cambridge Carbon Footprint SPEP - Sustainable Parish Energy Partnership CCI - Cambridge Carbon Initiative Green team meetings - Development Native Species Surveys (NSS) Environmental Policies Staff awareness

15 2. Green Marketing NO Magazines, newspaper, leaflet drops etc YES Social media (Hootsuite), weblinks, radio, joint promotions i.e. GDO (Great Days Out Cambridge)

16 3. Stay Local Recycle all waste locally (within 8 miles) Fruit & vegetable press campaign Resident passes (walking distance) Local suppliers Community Programme Dream Night at the Zoo

17 4. Sustainable Energy Solar Panels - all main buildings Reed bed sewage system for new Education Centre

18 5. Water Use Drip systems Water butts Staff Awareness Greywater recycling system

19 6. Purchasing Environmental Policy … including Palm Oil use Suppliers Policies Palm Oil Interpretation (Tiger Lodge) Customer Experience survey Q Keeper / Tiger Talks spreading awareness Buy local policy Caring Consumer message (Gift Shop)


21 7. Waste Everything is recycled (except polystyrene) Bulk ordering to reduce packaging Re-cycle locally (within 8 miles) Change in husbandry procedures i.e. Hedgehog Hospital use of towels

22 8. Sustainable Transport Cycle Parking & discount Rail Users Group (RUG) Station Wildlife Garden First Capital Connect train partnership & marketing campaign Cambridge to London Kings Cross line (7m users) Poster boards, tannoy announcements, on-line & social media Discounted entry


24 9. Conservation Cambridge Conservation Forum (CCF) Shepreth Wildlife Conservation Charity (SWCC) Shepreth Hedgehog Hospital Hedgehog Scientific Advisory Board (HSAB) Fundraising / Awareness events (£60k raised)



27 10. Innovation New Education Eco Barn Feature Garden HSAB

28 GTBS Audit Full day inspection Site inspection based on criteria Green File inspection

29 2012 Awards Shepreth WP scored 89% being awarded GOLD … and was shortlisted for the Green Tourism Business Scheme Goldstar Awards 2012 The shortlist is compiled from the highest scoring Gold graded businesses representing the greenest 2% of the total 2300 GTBS members Comments from the assessor: Shepreth have implemented a number of measures. Heavily involved in conservation, they have vetted suppliers on their ethical principle including sourcing of palm oil & set up their own conversation charity with successful fundraising. Other highlights from the audit include low E lighting, coach switch off policy, rail travel incentive, dedicated educational building, good insulation, excellent waste strategy, using waste food and comprehensive energy awareness. A strong entry to the scheme, worth a case study.

30 Green Tourism Week Finalist: GoldStar Awards 2012 Winner: Peoples Choice Awards 2012

31 BIAZA Green Tourism Green Tourism Members in BIAZA GOLD Birdworld, Chester Zoo, Shepreth Wildlife Park, WWT Arundel, WWT London Wetland Centre, WWT Martin Mere, WWT Washington SILVER National Marine Aquarium, Oceanarium BRONZE Blair Drummond Safari & Adventure Park, Deep Sea World AWAITING GRADING The Scottish Deer Centre

32 BIAZA & GTBS Partnership ZSL London – Sponsoring Tiger Territory Durrell Zoo Jersey – Sponsoring Orang Utans, Chester Zoo – Sponsoring Parrot with Tony Juniper Newquay Zoo – Sponsoring Trinidad stream frog (Amphibian Ark) Amphibian Ark – Financial Support for the programme via meeting British Medical Association – Green meeting package including donation to ZSL Q Hotels & Jurys Inns, Hilton Aberdeen, Holiday Inn Edinburgh, Principle Hayley Group all sponsor animals through various charities as a condition of membership … but they could do more with Zoos


34 Kilimanjaro: Climbing for Conservation End of January 2014 Approx. 1,250 (plus flight) 7 day trekking Fundraising for conservation & raising awareness for the Pole-to-Pole 2014 campaign E:

35 + 44 1738 632162 The_GTBS Green Tourism Be the change you want to see in the world Mahatma Ghandi

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