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All businesses are under pressure to address a complex set of sustainability issues.

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2 All businesses are under pressure to address a complex set of sustainability issues

3 And the hospitality industry is no different, except perhaps that the issues are more complex and more widely talked about

4 What do customers think? Do you think restaurants do enough to tackle social & environmental issues? How much more likely would you be to eat at a restaurant if you knew they had an award for their social & environmental performance? A Populus survey in 2010 asked diners across the UK the following questions YesNo Much more likely More likely The same Much less likely Less likely

5 Advisory bodies are many, but until the SRA was founded, there was no 'one stop shop' for restaurants

6 We've simplified sustainability, making it easier for restaurants take action

7 What does the SRA do? The SRA helps diners find restaurants to eat in that match their ethical and environmental values We do this through the promotion of our Member restaurants in our online Directory using our independent Sustainability Rating The SRA works with all types of hospitality businesses: from fine dining restaurants to high street favourites, from hotels to street food vendors.

8 Working with the hospitality industry across the board Campaigns Consultancy

9 Some of our members We're working with over 1000 restaurants across the whole of the UK

10 Including some of the UK's best chefs

11 Sustainability Rating SRA Sustainability Rating is the industry standard assessment as featured in The Times, Harden's and Les Routiers As well as receiving a One, Two or Three Star Rating, restaurants get a bespoke report detailing their strengths and highlighting easy to follow steps for improvement What do restaurants receive?

12 Hotline – Need help? Were only a phone call away! Window sticker & logo to use on your menu, website and marketing materials Events – networking opportunities, training and more PR support – expert help to publicise your sustainability success Plus, youll receive our Weekly Member newsletter – featuring the latest industry and sustainability news to stay on top in the sustainability stakes What do restaurants receive? Member benefits Our team of Account Managers is made up of ex-professional chefs who are on hand to provide sustainability support to you via phone and email They will work with you to help you improve your sustainability and find ways to save money

13 Member benefits Additional Member benefits We have proved to insurers that more sustainable restaurants are a lower risk SRA Insurance is only available to our members and is designed to exceed current levels of cover and reduce premium by 10-30%. SRA members can also take advantage of supplier discounts worth in excess of £3000 We have offers on food and drink, eco-friendly cleaning products, energy-efficient kitchen equipment and just about everything else a sustainable restaurant could need What do restaurants receive?

14 Additional consultancy Menu planningFood wasteTrainingCommunications The SRA works with restaurants to examine the sustainability of their existing or new menus. From where & how the ingredients are produced, to ensuring items are sources ethically. We also offer cost comparisons on sustainable options. The SRA plans & conducts food waste audits at restaurants of all types and sizes and produces a comprehensive report detailing current waste levels and steps for improvements and the potential cost savings. The SRA works within your existing training and induction processes to engage staff and instill an understanding of sustainability. From bespoke training materials to hands-on sessions as well as City & Guilds qualifications in sustainability. The SRA can provide guidance and support on marketing your restaurants sustainability to existing & new customers. We can also plan and carryout a campaign on your behalf to promote a specific sustainability message.

15 Testimonial 'The Sustainable Restaurant Association is a great idea that offers guidance to restaurants, steering them through all the tricky sustainability areas.' SRA Member Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

16 How to join us For a bespoke membership package or to discuss consultancy services, call Ed Franklin on 020 7479 4221 or email For more information visit

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