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BRAC APR TASK FORCE MEETING May 13, 2008 Presentation by: Penn Daw Properties, L.L.L.P.

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1 BRAC APR TASK FORCE MEETING May 13, 2008 Presentation by: Penn Daw Properties, L.L.L.P.

2 BRAC 08-IV-5MV Penn Daw Properties, L.L.L.P. 4.39-acre assemblage consisting of 12 parcels 11 parcels owned by applicant 12 th parcel 83-3-01-0041 under contract Assemblage is a substantial consolidation of Sub-Unit E-1, consisting of 12 of 16 parcels or approximately 75% of parcels in Sub-Unit E-1

3 Family Property Land owned by family since 1949 Dr. Fenton purchased the first 1-acre parcel at corner of Shields and Route 1 property in 1949 Dr. Fenton converted Ice Cream and Gift Shop to Animal Hospital of Penn Daw

4 Family Property Early 1950s, added extension for boarding animals

5 Family Property Acquired some of adjoining parcels in 1960s 1961 bowling lanes opened behind animal hospital Stone façade added to animal hospital in 1960s Bowling lanes closed 1980s Animal hospital closed in 1991

6 Family Property Dr. Fenton died in 1993 Property inherited by children Children added parcels to assemblage in 2000, 2001 Family Partnership formed, composed of children Tax Map 83-01-01-0041 (Figgins) under contract 2008

7 Current Uses St. Clair Appliances Equipment Storage Residential

8 Current Zoning Seven (7) parcels,* consisting of 2.129 acres zoned R-4 83-3-01-41 83-3-01-0036 83-3-01-37 83-3-01-38 83-3-01-0040 83-3-01-0041A 83-3-08-00-0042 *First seven parcels on Property Information Table

9 Current Zoning (contd) Five (5) parcels,* consisting of 2.2611 acres, zoned C-8 83-3-08-00-B 83-30-08-00-C 83-3-08-00-1 83-3-22-00-A 83-3-22-00-B *Last five parcels on Property Information Table

10 Current Comprehensive Plan Text All but one parcel currently in Sub-Unit E-1 Sub-Unit E-1 is planned for neighborhood- serving office and/or retail uses One parcel (83-3-22-00-B) consisting of 1.0 acre is currently within Sub-Unit E-2, planned for residential

11 Comprehensive Plan Map All 12 parcels, except for 83-3-01-0041, are designated mixed use by the map Parcel 83-3-01-0041 is designated residential at 3-4 units per acre

12 History of Planning at Kings Crossing Comprehensive Plan recognizes importance of community business center at Kings Crossing, U.S. 1 and South Kings Highway (Penn Daw CBC) Area IV, Page 32 – The opportunity exists on the east side of Richmond to create a large scale well designed mixed use development as a focal point and core area of the community business center.

13 Independent Studies Recommend Higher Density for Kings Crossing 1997 Report, Revitalization Analysis for Richmond Highway (Lesser & Co 1997) Kings Crossing business node singled out as likely first candidate for redevelopment -.8 F.A.R. recommended 2005 ULI Study, overcoming constraints Professional High Rise BRAC-related 3.0 F.A.R. BRAC Existing Conditions Report Lack of office space Need for hotels

14 Elements of this APR Nomination Continue neighborhood-serving office and/or retail comprehensive plan text designation Alter boundary between Sub-Unit E-1 and E-2 slightly so as to include an additional 1.0 acre parcel as neighborhood serving office and or retail Add hotel component Allow 1.0 F.A.R. for this substantial consolidation of Sub-Unit E-1 without consolidation with Unit G

15 Hotel with Retail 8-Story Office with Retail Two Alternative Designs, both consistent with planning of Kings Crossing for a High Density Business Node, that will act as a seed for like redevelopment

16 Benefits - 8 Story Office with Retail Consistent with historical planning for Kings Crossing business node as a catalyst for the development of other business nodes along Richmond Highway Consistent with office and retail mix 1997 Revitalization Study BRAC Existing Conditions Report 2005 ULI

17 Benefits - 8 Story Office with Retail Will provide needed offices for BRAC relocation Will provide retail to serve workers in offices, reducing vehicle trips Free shuttle service to Metro and incentives to use it will reduce vehicle trips Consistent with three independent studies, will concentrate density at Kings Crossing business node and will jump start similar development at other business nodes, and overcome image and other limitations

18 Benefits - Hotel Serves as need identified by BRAC Existing Conditions Report – pp. 46, 235-236 Market study supports extended stay hotel The retail component of this plan provides a live/work node for extended stay residents reducing vehicle trips Applicant would commit to free shuttle service, further reducing vehicle trips

19 Why 1.0 FAR Without Consolidation of Land Units E-2, E-3 and G? History has shown that high density development desired at Kings Crossing will not occur in time to serve BRAC needs if consolidation with other land units for a mix of uses is required JPI Kings Crossing Rosenthal/JBG Economy in bad shape BRAC need is upon us. Cant wait for mere possibility of consolidated development of bigger area

20 Why 1.0 FAR Without Consolidation of Land Units E-2, E-3 and G? (contd) Larger area can develop in a coordinated way with this plan Shields Avenue compels coordinated development as a natural dividing line for land use mix on either side This land assemblage is already a substantial consolidation of Sub- Unit E-1, which is at the heart of the Kings Crossing business node

21 OFFICE SECTION MODEL View shed protected

22 Conclusion High Density Development at Kings Crossing consistent with historical planning efforts Office and Hotel uses are consistent with Planning and BRAC needs Office and Hotel uses can reduce vehicle trips, with commitments to free shuttle to Metro and other incentives Office and Hotel development can be accomplished with appropriate buffers Kings Crossing can serve as a catalyst for similar desired development in Richmond Highway corridor Consolidated development in greater area can occur through existing Planning and Zoning controls

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