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Committed to Effective Community Development and Partnership.

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1 Committed to Effective Community Development and Partnership

2 Clayton Road Terrace & Sheridan Hills Neighborhoods Association

3 Who we are Number of households currently in both sections that are divided by Metro tracks I am waiting to get Average household value I am waiting to get Approximate contribution to tax base from these homes I am waiting to get We are a viable community of long-term families with children We participate in neighborhood watch and National Night Out We exchange information and meet regularly. We care for one another when needed. 3

4 What we understand This development will add 246 living units to our existing 170 residences – an increase of 144% Historically, Richmond Heights has made very difficult, yet wise decisions to trade-off parcels of prime property to retail and public interest efforts with the ultimate goal to maintain individual, private residential spaces to preserve communities and quality of life. The traffic study does not reflect our experiences. We currently experience traffic flow difficulties at both exit points of the neighborhood with extended wait times at intersections. Additionally we witness and experience navigation difficulties and pedestrian hazards at the Metro station. The 2013 StL County Strategic Plan calls for neighborhood planning to achieve the following objectives: Preserve and develop well-maintained communities with quality options for all Promote variety of housing & neighborhood options for all ages Enhance mobility & connectivity 4

5 Is there demand for more apartment dwellings? Just in this immediate area: Manhassett Village – a total of 800 units by 2022 Villas at Brentwood – 331 units | 2 parking spaces/unit free Allegro at the Brentwood – 74 units with covered parking Brentwood Place Apartments Clayton on the Park – 206 units 5

6 How does this compare to a current, competing development? Manhasset Village 321 units | X acres ?? +240 units (2022) ? parking space/unit Not land-locked by family residences Bordered by interstate highway with easy access PDG Proposal 246 unites | 3.2 acres 1.6 parking space/unit Accessible only through family residence thoroughfare Access to (highly desired) Clayton School District, which is currently at service limits for class room size. 6

7 Investigate all options before taking a first proposal. Optimal location translates into making wise decisions Our neighborhood is perfectly suited to contribute to the commercial / residential mix, our schools, the Richmond Heights infrastructure and our public transportation This site can be a tremendous contribution to both community living as well as Richmond Heights tax base. As use of public transportation increases, this neighborhood and site location becomes the destination for professionals and students Number of residences planned in this project is of serious concern Egress to Galleria Parkway is very important to the success of a development – to minimize impact of in\out traffic and construction An RFP could explore possibilities that meet the standards of this neighborhood. 7

8 Summary This site is important to us and we want to see development here. We don’t want it to remain vacant. Our children bike, play and travel to school across the front of the property multiple times each day We access our MetroLink through and around the property daily It is a memorial site to the Jewish community as a result of an anti-Semitic sniper attack and murder, as well as a tribute to Rabbi Benson Skoff, a profound spiritual leader and one of the first to have women read from the Torah We don’t want Richmond Heights governing councils to put the needs of this community second to the needs of a development company. We want our concerns to be their concerns. To be consistent with StL County 2013 Strategic plan, we want to continue to meet the criteria of preserving and developing our well- maintained community 8

9 In closing... As this proposal stands, it is not an improvement to the Clayton Terrace / Sheridan Hills Neighborhood, and therefore is not acceptable due to: Density of households proposed on the 3.2 acres Access off East Linden – instead of Galleria Parkway This project does not meet the standards of our neighborhood. 9

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