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Is Spain Really So Sunny?

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1 Is Spain Really So Sunny?


3 Why Do People Migrate To Spain?










13 People migrating to Spain (retirement migrants in particular) look for:

14 The perfect accommodation; a place to retire

15 Lower living costs

16 Nice weather

17 Tourist attractions e.g: beaches, leisure facilities, etc

18 Different culture e.g. tradition, food, festivals
La Tomato fight in Bunyol, near Valencia Different culture e.g. tradition, food, festivals

19 Family Ties

20 These are all very strong pull factors which draw many Britons to the country…

21 However…

22 When the UK way of life is driving you mad, it can be very tempting to put as much distance between that and you and picture yourself lounging by a pool in the sunshine at a safe distance from all the stresses at home.


24 But be warned - after a few weeks on your sun bed you may find yourself missing all the "problems" you left behind; e.g. family members, a stressful job, even the English rain; it can vary every time...

25 Many migrants also probably didn’t think of…
Falling ill Financial problems/income The language barrier between the British and the Spanish. (therefore difficult in finding a good job) The increasing problems age can bring e.g. disability, health problems, etc (Spanish elderly health care is completely different to the English) Different culture Older children suffering with problems such as homesickness, isolation and inadequacy at a foreign school

26 Other problems... Complications with taking pets abroad, i.e: microchips, veterinary certificate, animal ID, etc are compulsory. Three month old animals, or under, are not accepted into the country.

27 Because of these problems, the consequences can sometimes be catastrophic…
Some migrants are forced to sell up and come back to the UK. Many of them often have no savings or property to come back to either. This is because of the huge influx of elderly settlers is putting a massive strain on Spain’s health care services. Because of the strain, some Spanish doctors are refusing to treat anyone who does not speak Spanish unless they have an interpreter at present The reason why they do this, is because they fear they might make a wrong diagnosis and be sued.


29 Instead of escaping the problems back at home, you may also be confronted by a new set of problems, e.g: The lazy mañana (tomorrow) attitude the Spaniards can sometimes display. Fairly limited jobs for those who do not speak the language. Low job wages. Unpredictable water etc...

30 When buying a property in Spain, people also need to look out for:
Legally invalid property sale agreements Fraud description of property; e.g. incorrect measurements of the number of square metres of the property itself. Property built on land in the absence of required permits on land, leading to demolition of the property.

31 However, this can be prevented by...

32 Not being too pressured into buying a property until a lawyer has been able to make an evaluation of the legal status of it Not to sign any documents or purchase any contracts before having them checked by an independent solicitor. Using professional help to avoid complications


34 In Conclusion… Before taking the risk, balance out the pull factors with the push factors and think carefully about the decisions you are making…

35 Pull Factors

36 Great tourist attractions
Cheap Sunny Great tourist attractions Food Culture Festivals Experience Language Beaches

37 Push Factors

38 Different health care system Language barrier Dodgy water
Too many Brits Age related illnesses The move is very complicated Poverty Different laws

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