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2 The Observations Deployment of Wireless LANs is increasing fast People are getting used to a wireless connectivity thru the use of cellular phones (voice and SMS) People are beginning to want Internet everywhere and easily, preferably without cables. Small portable devices increasingly popular and increasingly advanced. Cellular phones are getting PDA capability. PDAs are getting phone capability.

3 The Challenges Cheaper, more powerful PDAs - Will the PDA Phone be the next fad? Fast wireless connectivity - Thru GPRS, UMTS and/or WLAN. Seamless roaming - Change between providers and carrier types Availability - Not only to reach but also to be reached. Services - I've got the PDA. Now what do I do with it?

4 UNINETT Mobile Networking System Encourage and help colleges/universities in building campus WLANs. Create a wireless PDA community thru cooperation and the exchange of ideas and knowledge. Promote and help wireless PDA projects by sponsoring PDAs and WLANs Show the possibilities that exist in the next generation wireless PDAs by showing what can be done today. Establish knowledge and promote ideas to better be prepared to utilize the technology to come.

5 Results so far... Extensive testing of WLAN vendors completed Prices and deals have been negotiated for our members. Interest among our members in deploying WLANs has exploded. Many have already deployed or thinking of it. UNINETT has established a small working group for PDAs. Testing linux, mobility, GPS, multimedia, VoIP, presentation, etc. Building a knowledge base of who does what with PDAs among our members.

6 WLAN testing Tested Cisco, Lucent, 3Com, D-Link, BreezeCom, Zyxel, Samsung, Linksys. Performance, features, ease of use, security, compatibility, scalability.

7 WLAN testing


9 PDA Tryouts Operating systems - Windows CE, HandHeld Linux, Trolltech, Familiar Voice and video communication - Microsoft Portrait, OpenH323 (PocketBone) Multimedia streaming - Microsoft formats, MPEG, DivX, MP3, etc GPS and positioning software - OziExplorer, Route Planner, etc Text communication - Microsoft Messenger, ICQ Communication protocol - IPv6, Mobile IP with seamless roaming Network tools - Sniffers, SiteSurvey, MiniStumbler

10 Projects Security on Wireless LANs – Best practice & security recomendations. Wireless LANs Technology Update – IEEE 802.11a/HiperLAN2/802.11g/802.11i, etc. On-line calendar/datebook for employees - Student project. For PDA and PC users. Web- based. Kokosnett – Multimedia Middleware for PDAs (NTNU) Registration system for teachers on a PDA

11 Wish List Properly working IP telephony with live pictures and voice PBX to POT Multimedia streaming made easy Seamless IP roaming (still in Beta for PDA) Better IPv6 support PDA to pay for goods at point of sale PDA as authentication and key for physical access. (With fingerprint scanning?) Killer communicator or Next Generation ICQ with people and service locator, text and voice communication, personal organizer and whatnot Student and Teachers aid: Information system, delivering assignments, looking up grades, etc.

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