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The Smart Solution

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1 The Smart Solution

2 ABOUT US : Capabilities encompass every discipline of wireless Network deployment. Aligns resources and efforts to ensure a fast and cost effective rollout. T4 is competent in rollout of turnkey wireless networks. Our boats of skilled telecom engineers, technicians, as well as experienced riggers who have gained their experience during years of working in different multinational companies like Nortel, Nokia, Siemens, ZTE, Alcatel,Huawei and other operators and vendors in Telecom sector. All employees have good knowledge and skill of GSM networking. T4 offers customized solutions and services to customers and engages as partner to Nokia-Siemens network, Huawei Technologies Pakistan & ZTE telecom Implementation and manages end to end technical support, customer care, warranty services, and project rollout.

3 Vision We intend to lead in Telecom Implementation, Data Communication, Microwave and All types of Transmission and Connectivity.

4 Mission: We are committed to achieve our goals and always concern to the optimum benefits of our clients. To develop our professional skills and techniques and teams, our managerial strength & resources will be strengthened. We are capable of managing, all the companies and sub-contractors involved in the deployment process.

5 Quality Assurance: Quality assurance’s subject of our company is “NEVER COMPROMISE” Customer’s satisfaction through a Clause Installation Work, Services and Site Completion in a given time frame. Though company enforces a “QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM”; even then every team of the company is lead by a QUALITY SUPERVISOR, who never compromise even a minor negligence. T4 never allows compromising the client’s position and for this our specialists ensure that nothing is left to chance. “OUR CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT AND DEVELOPMENT IS OUR QUALITY EFFECTIVENESS.”

6 TIER4 Capabilities BTS, BSC, MSC,IN ,Wi-Max and SDH Installation
Troubleshooting & maintenance Microwave Installation BTS and Microwave commissioning Power Installation

7 Our work Telecom Installation Testing & Commissioning
Power & DG Installation Logistic Movement of material Troubleshooting & maintenance

8 Telecom Engineering Services:
Installation of BTS,BSC and MSC Microwave links short and long hauls with different frequencies Integration and commissioning of BTS at Sites Installation of micro cell/e-cell in all sensitive installation and building Commissioning and integration of IDUs/ODUs Installation of FIUs, X- connections, DXX ,MDF, And DDF Inter-connections between BTS And Microwave, From STM or C-nodes to BSC, BSC TO TCU/TRU And to PSTN. We are experienced in installing passports and Routers and their connectivity in MSCs. 

9 Telecom Engineering Services:
Installation of power rectifiers, commissioning of rectifiers ,internal alarms system and Batteries backup. Network swap and migration Distributed antenna system In RF Services, Installation of out door GSM Antennas at proper orientation ; their electrical and mechanical tilting ; routing of RF Feeders; clamping and Testing of VSWR,DTF and Path Loss in open ; short and load conditions.

10 Telecom Engineering Services:
Fixed Line Networking; Connectivity and Cross Connections of lease media from PABX to Microwave, from remote ends to BSC. Core and Access Networking GSM Mobiles and Fix Line Telephone Operators. We are experienced in installation of Microwave Links Transmission Lines which comprises SDH, PDH, 1+0 and 1+1 with C Nodes in long and short haul. 7GHZ to 38GHZ by different world-fame manufacturers like NOKIA, SIEMENS, NEC and HARRIS. We have all required facilities, skills and professional techniques in rigging and installation of different types of Microwave Antennas from 0.3 meters to 1.8 meters.

11 T4 Focus… Completion of Projects in Required time
Quality control & site audit services Complete database of site Competitive Prices for Installation services Professional Expertise

12 Meeting Vendor's needs Cost Most of sub-cons don’t compromise on rates
Convenience Rapid growth in mobile phone consumers Coverage Mostly vendor have problems with working areas Quality Quality assurance of sites as well as site auditing

13 Cost Cost effective services Negotiable services Out and about
-Competitive TI rates -No additional rates for Quality services Our services make us prominent as compared to other sub-cons.

14 Convenience Proper Engineering services
Reliable cooperation with Vendor Parallel Telecom Installation operations Installation through properly trained staff

15 Coverage Services through out guaranteed
Pakistan( North, South and central telecom regions) TI installation service coverage in all sort of environment and climate Excellent work Quality

16 T4 Departments Administration (Sajjad Hussain) HR (Faiz Ahmad)
Finance (Irfan Khan) Engineering (Mudassar Ahmad) Quality (Zamir Ahmad) Site Audit / Documentation (Muhammad Usman) Logistics/Transportation (Muhamamd Haroon)

17 Tools BTS & Power Installation tools
Feeder cable, Antenna Kit installation tools Transmission network installation tools Site Masters, power sensors & BERT Laptops & Digital cameras We have a good combination of vehicles for teams to be at site ON time.

18 Documentations To maintain and manage Site information is our primary responsibility. We upload on customer’s website, the BTS files, pictures, RF cables & Antenna Tests according to Vendor’s requirement in a timely manner. We Maintain a Complete database of all sites, Which includes Complete documents, graphs, pictures and all related information.

19 Vendors Project

20 NSN-Telenor Project

21 NSN-Telenor Project…. BTS Rollout sites Indoor/outdoor Sites
Excellent Quality and Speed. Site Integration BTS, Rectifier & Antenna system Installation BTS, Rectifier & FIU Installation Commissioning Uploading of Complete documents on Customer Web site which Includes BTS files, VSWR graphs and Standard Pictures of Site.

22 NSN-Telenor Project…. Microwave link sites:
Installation , Alignment and commissioning of MW Perform the installation and commissioning of RRI & FIU19 Links of 1+0 and 1+1 Standby . Antenna of 0.3,0.6,1.2 and 1.8m Speed and Quality assurance Documentation i.e. Serial numbers, print screen , MW Files and Standard pictures.

23 NSN-Telenor Project…. Expansion of the Existing sites:
Transceivers expansion BTS expansion Antenna expansion Rectifier expansion Battery Bank expansion

24 NSN 2G Swap Multan Site survey End to End media patching
Flexi BTS 2G Swap Logistic services Dismantled hardware packing

25 TIER4 NSN Achievement… Outstanding Achievement Award 2007
by Nokia-Siemens Networks

26 Huawei

27 Huawei-Ufone Project BTS Rollout Sites: Indoor and Outdoor sites
Excellent Quality and Speed. BTS, Rectifier & Antenna system Installation Customer required documentation i.e. VSWR graphs, serial number and standard pictures After complete installation,T4 conducts its own internal Pre-ATP to assure high standard quality.

28 Huawei-Ufone Project Expansion of existing sites:
Expansion in 900 and 1800 Cabinets Expansion of TRUs, DTRUs, BTS Cabinet, Rectifier, Battery bank and Antennas Swap of Antennas as well as use of Diplexer Combiner. Completion in the Permitted outage time Completion of documents i.e. configuration, print screens, serial numbers, pictures and VSWR.

29 Huawei-Ufone Project Microwave links:
Installation and commissioning of RTN600 series Patching of Tributary Cable into DDF. Links of 1+0 and 1+1 , 2+0 Standby, Space diversity and X-Pic and creating SNCP ring. Antenna of 0.3,0.6,1.2 ,1.8m and 2.0m Speed and Quality assurance Documentation i.e. Serial numbers, print screen, pictures and BERT

30 Huawei- Ufone Project Ufone Swap 7B Project- South
Most Number of sites then any other subcon Timely and efficiently completed the swap project. Temporary installation , Swap, Dismantling and Permanent installation. Documentation and survey

31 Huawei- Mobilink Project
Mobilink Phase 2 Swap Project- Center Survey Swap Dismantling Permanent installation ATP Documentation

32 Huawei- Augere Project
South region Installation of BBU3900 Commissioning of BBU3900 CPE call testing APM200

33 TIER4 Huawei Achievement…
Placed in Grade “A” in 3rd Quarter by Huawei Technologies. Placed at ‘’Outstanding” Position after conducting an Audit of Tier4. Placed at 1st position in evaluation September 09 all over Pakistan among 17 subcons. Also Partner of Huawei in Warid, Zong , CDMA and PTCL Project.

34 Huawei Achievement

35 Power Behind Business TIER 4 will bring strength ,creativity and capability to the table. It will be the Power Behind Business – We invite you to let us be the Power Behind YOUR Business!!!

36 Head Office- Islamabad
Abdul Khaliq Chief Executive Officer Rizwan Riaz Manger Operations Postal address: Office # 13/14, 2nd Floor Executive center , I-8 Markaz, Islamabad Pakistan

37 Postal Address: A6, Rufi Sweet homes , Safora Chowk, University
South Regional office Abdul Samad Memon Manager Operation(South) Farukh Noman Regional Project Manager Postal Address: A6, Rufi Sweet homes , Safora Chowk, University road, Karachi

38 Center-II Regional office
Kamran Anwar Regional Project Manager Postal Address: Madni House ,Sher Shah Road, Khayaban_Kubra near Nadarabad Railway Crossing , Multan.

39 Center-I Regional Office
Arshad Ali Asim Bilal Regional Manager Senior Project Engineer Postal Address: House # 26/A, St # 14, Shoukat Town, Near Sher Khan colony, Pepsi Stop, Taj pura Lahore

40 Thanks…!!!

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