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Erosion & Sediment Control Program Steven Gucciardi, CPESC

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1 Erosion & Sediment Control Program Steven Gucciardi, CPESC
City of Charlotte Erosion & Sediment Control Program Steven Gucciardi, CPESC

2 Erosion Control Program Engineering & Property Management Dept
Erosion Control Program Engineering & Property Management Dept. Land Development Division

3 How the program exists Mandate from the State of North Carolina
NC Sedimentation Pollution Control Act 1973 Ordinance and practices can not be less stringent than the state program. Local program can be more stringent Changes with the State law require amendments by local E&SC programs within 180 days.

4 Strong Ordinance Effective E.C. Program Educational Outreach Adequate Staffing of Qualified Personnel

5 Ordinance Highlights Maximum $5000/day fines
Off-site sedimentation = Penalties Contractor Accountability. Wetland protection $3000 minimum for impacts to streams/wetlands Log Book Requirement

6 Erosion Coordinators Local Erosion Control Program Review Engineers Construction Inspectors

7 Process Developer Submits Plans
Plans to Review Engineers & Erosion Control Erosion Control Conducts Field visit Request revisions or approve Upon approval/pay fees Pre-construction Inspect measures, issue grading permit Unscheduled site inspections 2/4 week intervals

8 Staff levels 5 Erosion Control Coordinators 11 Engineer Plan Reviewers
11 Construction Inspectors

9 Erosion Control Coordinator
4 yr degree, environmental or engineering related Obtain CPESC/IT within 1 yr of hire. Attend minimum 3 training sessions annually Attend 40 hour wetland training course

10 Erosion Control Coordinator
Conduct E & S plan reviews Field visits as part of plan review Pre-construction meetings Issue grading permits Conduct site inspections Issue NOV’s Prepare/present appeal hearings Wetland determinations for Rezones. Work with HOA. Act as liaison to address development issues in watersheds and other critical areas.

11 Plan Reviewers Simultaneous review of E&S plans.
Hydrologic and Hydraulic reviews: Flood studies Detention requirements Basin sizing Road profiles Storm Drainage

12 Construction Inspectors
Infrastructure inspections: Curb & Gutter Proof Rolls Sidewalks Site drainage (Swales & Storm Drainage) Assist with E&S inspections Conduct final inspections

13 Types of Training Offered:
Quarterly Erosion Control Workshop: 1.Full day event/Free 2. Vendor exhibit during lunch In House Training 1. Free upon request 2. Three hour session Char-Meck Certified Site Inspector (CMCSI) 1. Free Full day course with exam 76% to pass 2. Working with CPESC for accreditation and PDU’s

14 Quarterly Workshop: Material Covered:
1. Water Quality in Mecklenburg County 2. Ordinance 3. NPDES 4. How to conduct site inspections 5. Innovative Technologies 6. Vendor exhibit during lunch. 7. CMCSI Exam (Char-Meck Certified Site Inspector)

15 In House Training Developers/contractors
Civil penalties could be reduced by 50% Differentiates between: Erosion Sediment Sedimentation

16 Training builds on differentiations
Evaluate BMP’s based upon intended results NPDES/Ordinance guidelines Virtual inspection/Fill out log book Intended results refers to measures for erosion control verses sediment control.

17 Conclusion: Essential Components of an effective E&S program:
1. Adequately staffed with qualified personnel. Boots in the Field 2. Strong Ordinance Accountability 3. Educational Outreach Well informed development community

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