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Future of the Construction and Post Construction Water Quality Program

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1 Future of the Construction and Post Construction Water Quality Program
Greenville County, SC Land Development Division NPDES MS4 Permit Implementation Construction/Post Construction Program K.F. Holbrook, PE Woolpert, Inc. Stormwater Management in Greenville County May 30, 2007 Furman University, Greenville, SC Construction Site Runoff

2 In the Beginning (1994) Simple Program Followed State Law and Regulations Peak rate control Velocity control Sediment control Program operated by the SWCD

3 Program Evolution In 2000 Greenville County issued MS4 Storm Water Permit Ordinance revised to include authorities for implementation Program audit to set baseline performance Automated permit tracking system implemented Computerized field inspection systems implemented EPA evaluation of the MS4 program Flood protection projects initiated Program reorganized into Public Works Second cycle NPDES permit effective July 2007 TMDL’s developed for Enoree and Reedy Ordinance revisions required Cites become co-permittees






9 Process Project Application logged upon receipt
Assigned to Plan Review Plan Review conducted comments provided For Subdivisions three iterations before permit For Commercial two iterations before permit Preconstruction meeting prior to issuing permit SCDHEC approval for NPDES required Permit issued Plans and Documents handed off to the inspectors for follow up Site inspections for compliance begin Each site is inspected once every two weeks Upon final stabilization project is closed and CO issued

YEAR # APPLICATIONS # PROJECTS # INSPECTIONS 2003 303 169 955 2004 311 175 2575 2005 305 155 3147 2006 322 114 2030 YEARLY AVERAGE 310 153 2117



Acres 374 Acres 84 Acres 67 15 Acres and larger 96 TOTAL PROJECT AREA 25,792 ACRES TOTAL REPORTED DISTURBED AREA 5,068 ACRES

14 More Stats YEAR # COMPLAINTS 2004 69 2005 132 2006 66

15 What is in the Future Staff analysis and assessment for meeting program needs New enforcement procedure Improved complaint management Improved permit and inspection tracking Third party inspection requirements New application/inspection fee structure Implementation of TMDL requirements New ordinance revisions for water quality Credit policy modifications for enhanced maintenance Updated design manual Design tool development BMP development

16 Greenville County Storm Water Management Design Manual

17 Question/Comments Construction Site Runoff

18 Field Protocol 2 Field Auditors
Traversed entire site using the original erosion control plans as a guide Collect Data on Rugged Pentop Computers Store data in database specifically design for field review Digital Pictures of Site and BMPs Construction Site Runoff

19 Sediment Basins Construction Site Runoff

20 Sediment Basins Construction Site Runoff

21 Basin Outlet Structures
Construction Site Runoff

22 Basin Outlet Structures
Construction Site Runoff

23 Temporary Sediment Traps
Construction Site Runoff

24 Silt Fence Construction Site Runoff

25 Rock Ditch Checks Construction Site Runoff

26 Riprap or Aggregate Construction Site Runoff

27 Outlet Protection Construction Site Runoff

28 Stabilized Construction Entrance
Construction Site Runoff

29 Storm Drain Inlet Protection
Construction Site Runoff

30 Pipe Slope Drains Construction Site Runoff

31 Runoff Control Measures
Construction Site Runoff

32 Straw and Hay Bale Applications
Construction Site Runoff

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