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ALABAMA STORMWATER The Problem and How ALDOT Has Corrected It.

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2 ALABAMA STORMWATER The Problem and How ALDOT Has Corrected It

3 Flowchart For Problem Resolution Don’t Mess With It! YES NO YES YOU IDIOT! NO Will it Blow Up In Your Hands? NO Look The Other Way Anyone Else Know? You’re SCREWED! YES NO Hide It Can You Blame Someone Else? NO NO PROBLEM! Yes Is It Working? Did You Mess With It?













16 PREVIOUS SYSTEM l NOI Sent by Stormwater Coor. l Project BMPs Installed l ADEM Inspects Site - Files NOV l NOV Sent to Stormwater Coor.

17 PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION l Good permitting process l Enforcement of permit conditions and ALDOT storm water specifications was minimal No involvement of Construction Bureau No senior management Involvement No accountability for non-compliance No formal training since 1994

18 PROJECTS CITED l APD-471(14) Corridor X l APD-471(36) Corridor X l APD-471(58) Corridor X l IM-65-1(220) I-65, Butler Co l IM-65-1(257) I-65, Butler & Conecuh Co l NHF-178(12) US 431, Russell l ACNHF-78(13) US 280 Lee & Tallapoosa Co

19 PROJECTS CITED, cont. l STPAA-315(8) AL 14, Elmore County l IM-459-4(78) I-459, Jefferson County

20 CONSENT AGREEMENT Signed September 2002 by ADEM & ALDOT

21 ITEMS AGREED TO l Supplemental Environmental Project $105,000 l Install temporary BMPs on projects cited immediately l Comply with General Permit l Develop permanent BMPs for projects cited

22 ITEMS AGREED TO, cont. l Develop a plan to remove or stabilize sediment off site l Have a QCP certify that BMP plan is implemented and effective l Provide a list of contacts in each division with stormwater responsibilities

23 MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT Signed September 2002 by ADEM & ALDOT

24 TRAINING l Qualified Credentialed Inspection Professional (QCIP) Eight hour course with test administered by ADEM Constr. Eng., Asst. Constr. Eng., Div. County Trans. Eng., District Eng., Project Eng., Drill Crew Chief-Division & Statewide

25 TRAINING, cont. l 4 hour yearly update administered by ADEM l Division Engineers required to attend the 8 hour & 4 hour courses but do not have to take the test

26 TRAINING COMPLETED l QCIP training conducted in all 9 divisions and central office First day for ALDOT personnel and second day primarily for county and city personnel l Due to high demand, second session given in two divisions

27 2004 Training Statistics l 1,049 people attended Qualified Credentialed Inspector (QCI) training 817 ALDOT Employees 62 Consultants Employed in Divisions 237 County/City Employees l Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP) $105,000 Total Project Cost

28 2005 Training l QCI 4-hour refresher courses trained 800 ALDOT employees and about 175 county/city personnel in 2005 l QCI 8 hour course taught to 475 ALDOT employees and about 100 county/city employees in 2005 l ALDOT working with ADEM to become the provider and manage the system so that other contractors can provide the training.


30 SEP Status l $63,775 spent to date on training city/county personnel l $41,225 left to complete payment of the project l Supplying ADEM with Southern Linc radios Purchased 31 radios - $4,059 Providing service – 1 st 7 months $8,064 Provide service for approximately 3 years Estimate of total SEP used for Southern Linc service - $4,059 + $37,166 = $41,225

31 PERMITS l Preconstruction & Construction l Previously - 5 acres of land disturbance l March 2003 - 1 acre of land disturbance l Maintenance while not requiring permits, still must meet BMP standards

32 INSPECTIONS l Update BMP plans l On-site inspections Weekly - general conditions Monthly - summary of weeklies, sent to ADEM Precipitation Events l Non-compliance – self-reporting

33 AUTOMATED COMPLIANCE MONITORING l QCIP insp. input into CPMS l Inspection reports sent to ADEM l Compliance - Stormwater Coordinator/Division Engineer l Purpose is to ensure aggressive senior management oversight



36 SOLUTION l Contractors Held Accountable l Inspector Responsibility l Authority to Ensure Compliance

37 FOR ALDOT TO COMPLY WITH REGS l Storm water coordinators must remain active to insure Divisions are complying with regulations. l Weekly inspections being conducted and documented l Contractors must show proof of storm water permits for all activities outside the ROW. (Pits, waste areas, haul roads, etc.) l Self reporting is mandatory

38 IM-65-1(220) I-65 Butler County Before Remediation


40 IM-65-1(220) I-65 Butler County After Remediation


42 STPAA-0201(523) AL 14 Elmore County Before Remediation


44 STPAA-0201(523) AL 14 Elmore County After Remediation


46 Progress & Summary of Permanent BMPs  All Temporary BMP’s in place  Nine projects have been certified as meeting permanent BMP requirements  June 13, 2005 requested that ADEM close the order on 9 of the 10 projects

47 Progress and Summary Off-Site Sediment Issue  Three projects had no off site sediment.  Seven projects had off site releases of which four will be corrected through natural attenuation.  Three projects were evaluated via a stream study in which it was determined that natural attenuation was the recommended remediation alternative.  We will look to contractors to pay for correction or reimburse ALDOT for correction of these or other offsite drainage problems.

48 IM-459-4(78)-Paradise Lake l Contractors held accountable for part of damages, approximately $130K l ALDOT accountable for approximately $35K












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