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Budget Update 2012-2013 January 26, 2012. Our Priorities have not changed… Students Employees.

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1 Budget Update 2012-2013 January 26, 2012

2 Our Priorities have not changed… Students Employees

3 But normal now is…. Slow recovery Ongoing lags in state economy and state revenues Flat local tax revenues (real estate, pp taxes) Expired stimulus funding Ongoing hiring hesitation Budgeting year round

4 Average Daily Membership Last year – 14,200 budget/14,259 actual = +59 This year - 14,074 budget/14,015 est. = (59) More students in grades 9-12 than incoming KG KG enrollment down by 61 from last Sept Grades 10-12 enrollment down by 90 compared to grades 9-11 last year 9 th grade up by 43 compared to 8 th grade last year Impacts staffing when enrollment is declining overall but decline is spread over all 26 schools and all grades

5 ADM Trend

6 Budget Increase Factors VRS rate increase – HUGE Gasoline/diesel prices fluctuate Joint capital plan – long term investment Aging technology – Tech Assessment Plan Year 2 Health insurance Salaries – no raises in 3 years Utilities – NO – energy savings paying off!

7 Governors Budget Proposal for 2012-13 VRS teacher rate from 11.33% to 16.66% (includes 5% employee share) (actuaries recommended 21.77%) VRS life insurance rate from 0.28% to 1.19% State retiree health credit from 0.60% to 1.11% (this was a state plan that was forced down to school divisions) Number of new pilot initiatives (charters, STEM, virtual) Recommending VRS reforms in coming weeks

8 What happened to VRS fund? Funded status estimated at 65% (80%+ deemed healthy) GA funded 1/3 of recommended rate in FY11 GA funded ½ of recommended rate in FY12 GA loan in FY11 now needs to be paid back with interest GA has not approved recommended rates in past 20 years SB paid employee share starting in 1983 in lieu of raise Plan 2 employees hired after 7/1/10 pay employee share of 5%

9 Funding Sources Revenue Sharing Agreement with BOS – combine new revenues, cover increases in salary and benefits, and then split the remainder 50/50 Stimulus Funds – none approved to date Personnel savings from 3 year hiring freeze Health reserves Capital reserves Operating budget cuts

10 Budget Reductions All departments submitting a plan for reducing budgets Filling vacancies on limited basis after 2 years of hiring freeze Carry forward of all budget reduction items on the table for the past 3 years

11 Budget Summary for FY12-13 $ 0.3MState revenue increase – after Gov revised this week (5.0M)Mandated expenditure increase – VRS employer rate (1.6M)Technology Assessment Plan – Year 2 (0.3M)CIP joint financing plan with County (2.7M)Employee raise? (TBD)Essential expenditure increases? $(9.3M)Preliminary budget shortfall

12 Timeline School Board timeline Jan 26 - Budget update and public hearing Feb 1 – Joint SB and BOS meeting, Budget update – House & Senate, health ins options Mar 6 - Budget Summit - Information Mar 13 - Budget Summit - Decisions Mar 15 - Board meeting Mar 20 - Budget work session Mar 27 - Budget adoption General Assembly Sessions Jan 11 – GA Session begins Feb 15 – budget bills released March 10 – adopt and adjourn Apr ?? – reconvened session Visit our web site for budget updates….

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