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Superintendents Recommended Budget: FY 2010-11 Rockingham County Public Schools March 23, 2010.

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2 Superintendents Recommended Budget: FY Rockingham County Public Schools March 23, 2010

3 RCPS Budget Timeline To Date Oct, 2009Budget process begun Jan 12, 2010Public hearing at JWES Jan 26, 2010Board reviewed all requests Feb 9, 2010Board reviewed Gov. Kaine s Budget Feb 23, 2010Board received updates Mar 1, 2, 3, 4Community Budget Discussions Mar 9, 2010Board reviewed budget Mar 23, 2010Board receives budget recommendation Mar 25, 2010 Second Public Hearing at WSPMS Mar 30, 2010Board adopts budget


5 General Assembly Impact on RCPS Local Composite Index unfrozen with Hold Harmless$1,900,000 VA Preschool Initiative Preserved$890,000 Relaxed Primary Class Size Requirements $630,000 Funded technology in full$648,000 Lottery - 100% earmarked for specific school programs $0 BUT, overall revenue cut$6,854,724







12 Reduction Areas include: Professional Staff –Central Office Administrator (anticipated) –Elementary, Middle, and High School Classroom Teachers –Special Education Teachers –English Language Learner Teachers –Student Assistance Counselors Total: 55 positions$2,900,000

13 Reduction Areas include: Classified Staff –Custodians: increase square footage –Special Education assistants –Central Office secretaries Total: 10 positions$310,000

14 Reduction Areas include: Contract Changes –Central Office Psychologists/Social Workers –Middle School Counselors –Middle School Agriculture Teachers (reduced 10 days) –Reduced Alternative Ed Night Programs Total: 13 contract changes$146,000

15 Reduction Areas include: Supplement Reductions$182,000 Athletic Supplement - Assistant Athletic Directors $36,000 Total Supplement Reductions$218,000 Impacting 189 employees

16 Personnel Reduction Summary 65 Positions Absorbed 13 Contract Changes 189 Supplemental Pay Reductions Total Personnel Reduction$3,576,630 Attrition expected to account for all positions absorbed Employment stability remained a top priority this year

17 Budget Reduction Areas (continued) Instruction $204,000 Reduced spending in the following areas –Professional development –Technology supplies –Tuition assistance for teachers –Band instruments/repair Supplemental Retirement Program$230,000 –Reduction in daily rate of pay for participants –11% for 20 days Boys and Girls Club $122,890 Transportation $340,000 –Fuel, buses and bus route review

18 This recommendation further includes… 0% increase in salary for employees for Continued reduction of summer school locations for summer 2010 Reduction of special education programs due to fewer identified students Projected health insurance increase (effective October 1, 2010) estimated at 10-12%

19 Our Partnership…and commitment East Rockingham High School –Personnel$2,000,000 –Utilities/Maintenance$507,420

20 33.22 Projected ERHS Staffing: new FTEs to be employed Principal 1.00 Assistant Principal 1.00 Activities Director 1.00 Athletic Trainer 1.00 Guidance 1.00 Art Teacher 0.50 School Nurse (RN) 1.00 Content Area Teacher 9.00 Alternative Ed teachers 0.54 Band Teacher 1.00 Chorus 0.50 French Teacher 0.33 ICT Teacher 0.80 Technology Ed Teacher 1.00 Agriculture Ed Teacher 0.80 Bus Drivers 3.00 Bookkeeper 1.00 HS SIS Clerk 0.25 Secretaries 1.00 Custodians 5.50 Maintenance Staff 2.00

21 Math Summary State Revenue Shortfall$6,850,000 Other Revenue Shortfall$95,000 Total Revenue Shortfall$6,945,000 FY ERHS Expenses$2,500,000 FY Health Insurance Increase$890,000 Total to Cover$10,335,000 Operating Cuts from FY Expenses$4,435,000 VRS/GL/HCC Savings$3,400,000 Local Share of Revenue Increase$2,500,000 Balanced FY budget$0

22 A Partnership Rockingham County Board of Supervisors Rockingham County Public Schools

23 Meals Tax Revenue Support March June 2010$200,000 July June 2011$600,000 Total Support$800,000 –To be applied to ongoing costs for ERHS (personnel, utilities, maintenance)

24 Superintendents Recommendation for RCPS for Current Funding Request from County Board of Supervisors$42,522,930 Support for ERHS Opening $2,500,000 Total Request$45,022, % increase in appropriation

25 RCPS Budget Process Timeline Continues March 25, 2010Second Public Hearing WSPMS, 7:00 PM March 30, 2010Anticipated School Board Action on FY Budget School Board Office, 5:30 PM Information available: Superintendents Office Dr. Carol Fenn


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