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Hello and welcome to Car/Motorcycle Buying for the Savvy Consumer: Module 1 Choosing the right vehicle. During this training session you will learn about.

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2 Hello and welcome to Car/Motorcycle Buying for the Savvy Consumer: Module 1 Choosing the right vehicle. During this training session you will learn about auto related expenses, resources available and the basics on new, used, or leased vehicles. The last slide lists websites which apply to this module. This training consists of 17 slides and should take approximately 20 minutes.

3 Points To Ponder Before you get started we would like you to take a couple of minutes to read the following questions. Look for the answers as you review this module. 1.The Texas Lemon Law helps consumers who buy or lease _______ vehicles and have repeated problems in getting their vehicles properly repaired. A. New Vehicles B. Used Vehicles C. New and Used Vehicles 2.Before purchasing a vehicle you should review your budget and include the following: car payment, maintenance costs, insurance, fuel, and accessories. True False 3.Once you sign a contract for a vehicle you have how many days to cancel? A. 0 days B. 3 days C. 0 days or what is stated in the contract D. 3 days or what is stated in the contract

4 How Much Can You Afford? Review your budget and include: Monthly Expenses Periodic expenses (such as clothes, vet bills, gifts, vacations) Emergency savings Savings & Investments Consumer Tip Your Battalions Command Financial / Family Advocacy Specialist can assist you in setting up or reviewing your budget

5 Debt-to-Income Ratio: Total of all monthly debt payments divided by net monthly income (not including mortgage) <15% OK to add credit 15 – 20% Fully extended 21-30% Overextended >30% Seek help immediately Consumer Tip Your car expenses should be no more than 25% of net income 15% to Payment 10% to Maintenance, Insurance, Operating expenses & Taxes HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH DEBT

6 Auto Related Expenses Take in to account the following: Car Payment Tags, Title, & License Fuel Expenses Insurance Maintenance Accessories (Rims, CD Player, etc) Motorcycle Safety Gear Consumer Tip Budgeting for a new or used automobile involves more than just your monthly car payments

7 Evaluate Your Needs Consider Purpose of vehicle (family car, just to work & back, hauling, etc) Fuel Economy Size New or Used Federal Trade Commission info on buying a car Texas Attorney General auto buying brochure Consumer Tip Is your family expanding? How many passengers will ride in your vehicle?

8 Motorcycles: Additional Concerns Consider Skill Level / Experience –What can you handle (power/weight/ability) –Mentor Programs Licenses Safety Courses Finding the right fit –Comfortably reach levers/breaks –Feet flat on ground –Legs grip the tank firmly Consumer Tip III Corps Policy Letter: Safety - 02 directs that a unit mentorship program is established at brigade or battalion level. III Corps Policy Letter: GO-1 Covers Motorcycle Safety Requirements

9 Make A List Wants vs. Needs Air Conditioning Front & Rear Air Bags Cruise Control Automatic vs. Manual Towing & Storage capacity Stylish DVD Console Consumer Tip Making a list can reduce impulse buying. Determine which options are a must and which you can live without

10 Research Gather additional information Car Buying Advice & Tips Pros & Cons - theft rates - reliability - fuel economy - operating costs - depreciation Safety Tests - crash test & rollover statistics Car History (carfax) Price Consumer Tip Knowledge is a consumers ally. An uninformed buyer is a salesperson's best friend.

11 Resources A Few Suggestions Internet Consumer Reports (Every year the April edition is dedicated to buying cars) Library Government agencies The Better Business Bureau The Federal Trade Commission State Attorney Generals Office Automotive magazines Vehicle pricing services Consumer Tip Check out the website checklist at the end of each module for additional resources and information

12 Know Your Legal Rights Your rights vary state to state Texas Lemon Law (applies to new vehicles only – cars & motorcycles) Legally you do not have 3 days to cancel a signed contract! (Once you sign the contract the car is yours) Consumer Tip Review your contract to ensure every promise, guarantee, or dollar figure is included and correct.

13 New Car Terminology Dealer Terms Invoice Price: Manufacturers initial charge to the dealer. This is the price you want to start your negotiations with. Base Price: The cost of the car without options, includes standard equipment and factory warranty. Monroney Sticker Price: Shows the base price, the manufacturers installed options with manufacturers suggested retail price (MSRP), the manufacturers transportation charge (this price is required by Federal law). Dealer Sticker Price: Usually on a supplemental sticker, this is the MSRP plus dealer cost for upgrades. Consumer Tip There are other factors which affect the price of a vehicle. Is the vehicle a hot selling or in demand car? What is the auto market and economy like in your area?

14 New Cars Before stepping foot in a dealership know the following: MSRP vs. Invoice Price Holdbacks - a percentage of the MSRP or Invoice (2% -3%) paid to the dealer by the manufacturer Dealer Incentives & Rebates - given to a dealer by a manufacturer to help stimulate sales of certain models and to move out end of year inventory Standard Equipment & Options Warranty Consumer Tip There are a number of sources such as Kelly Blue Book, NADA, and Consumer Reports to assist you in determining fair price, standard features, and options.

15 Used Cars Where to Buy New Car Dealerships Used Car Dealerships Auctions Rental & Leasing companies Private Owner Auto Buying Services Consumer Tip Ask the dealer or individual for maintenance records. You can find good deals and bad deals using any of these methods.

16 Used Cars Before you buy Determine value of vehicle - you will need to know the make, model, year, mileage, and options - take in account condition of vehicle Inspect your vehicle - use an independent certified mechanic not the dealerships mechanic Carfax - vehicle history report (salvage, major damage, odometer info, leased, etc) - you will need the vehicle identification number (VIN) - will tell you what has been reported to the police, insurance company, & DMV Consumer Tip Most dealers will provide a carfax at no cost if the vehicle has a clean history. Ask for a detailed carfax not a summary.

17 Vehicle Leasing Pros and Cons Pros - lower monthly payments - vehicle under warranty for most of lease - drive new car every 2-4 years - no hassle with trade-in at end of lease Cons - you dont own vehicle – no equity - early termination fees – if allowed - excessive wear and tear charges - mileage limit (12,000-15,000 per year) Additional information - Keys to Vehicle Leasing – A Consumer Guide (click on consumer information) fault.cfm fault.cfm Consumer Tip A close-end lease allows you to return vehicle at end of lease, pay end-of-lease costs, and walk away.

18 Websites Sites which have information & advice on buying a car The Better Business Bureau 980b-5089-49a2-88ac-2d8314d7bb2c The Federal Trade Commission Texas Attorney General Consumer Reports Online Texas Department of Transportation sell_vehicle.htm Miscellaneous information Texas Lemon Law Information Vehicle Leasing Information Vehicle history report (salvage, major damage, odometer ) Safety & crash test score information National Highway Traffic Safety Administration The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Sites which have information on determining fair market value of your vehicle N.A.D.A. Kelly Blue Book Edmund Car Buying Info Motorcycle Info Militaryonesource y/Topic/Issue/Material.aspx?MaterialTypeID=9&MaterialID= 13990 Texas Department of Public Safety Fort Hood Policy Letters ( includes motorcycle)

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