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Finance, Facilities, Fundraising and Forms Tuesday 6 th May 2013.

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1 Finance, Facilities, Fundraising and Forms Tuesday 6 th May 2013

2 Introduction to Forms Room Bookings Finance Fundraising CED Grants Dos & Donts Q&A with Panel

3 Event/Trip Planner Purchase Order (for >£50) Committee Lists Room Booking (Union & University Facilities) Grant Application Transport/Travel Booking Earn Your Stripes

4 This is to be filled out for any event or trip you plan Complete the relevant sections as fully as you can When submitting by email, please send from your University student email address for identity verification purposes. E-mail to

5 To be completed for any purchase over £50 Purchases for less than £50 can be processed with receipts Always make sure you ask for and keep receipts for all club purchases!

6 Please submit your committee list after your AGM and after any changes Download the template online and fill out all contact details Name Position Student Number E-mail Phone Number

7 Online submission form (Google Docs) MUST select Non-Sports Club from drop-down menu If hiring a vehicle, check with Union to ensure you have eligible drivers! For 9-seaters – Over 21 & 2 years experience For 15-seaters – MIDAS certificate, Over 21 & 2 years experience Try and travel by the cheapest possible means (This will save your club the money!)

8 There are plenty free options available for your booking! Remember to complete the room booking form first You may be limited to what you can use your booking for. For example, you cannot sell raffle tickets or consume alcohol Unusual event? Complete an Event Planner first!

9 Suitable for meetings, seminars, debates and more Rooms & Lecture Theatres – only outside teaching time (all day on weekends and after 6.30pm Mon-Fri) Atrium can be booked all day every day Send room booking form to with at least 3 days (72 hours) notice.

10 Ideal for AGMs & general meetings Send an email to with details and times or visit the front desk in the Union Office. Max capacity of 20 people Once you receive confirmation, you hold a booking

11 Ideal for socials, fundraisers, organised activities Speak to Frances Slorance – Commercial Manager 01786 467183 or Once you receive confirmation, you hold a booking!

12 Opportunity to have your clubs achievements recognised If a society demonstrates a significant contribution towards its members, the Union, University, local community or the public, it will be rewarded with a Club and Society Stripe Speak to your VP Communities for more info! Or e-mail Inclusion, Sustainability, Development, Community categories

13 How do I put on a fundraiser? Where do I take my money afterwards? How do I access my club account? What happens if I have a successful grant?

14 Key to the sustainability of your club! Sponsorship Bars and Nightclubs Remember to be safe and use a contract! Events Tournaments/Performances & Other Key Activities Bake Sales, Toastie Nights & Quizzes Bag-Packing and Sponsored Activites

15 Chaplaincy Perfect for bake-sales & toastie nights – reliable fundraisers! E-mail Atrium Can be used for sponsored event (eg. 24-hour Dance) Think Creatively! What has been done before, what works and what is new?

16 If you are needing some extra capital to develop your club then apply for a grant! The grant scheme is designed to help you go that little bit further than your funds allow Favourable grants include; new events, new equipment, special trips. Please ensure you complete the grant form correctly! Plan ahead and apply for money before the event happens (retrospective events are less likely to succeed)

17 Common problems with grants: Form not completed correctly (check the example online) Applying for an event which has already happened Already have the money available to run the event Not enough fundraising Once submitted, your grant with be brought to the next CED meeting and considered by the panel. If successful, you will be notified and funds transferred to your account If unsuccessful, you will receive feedback for next time

18 Ask for details (financial or membership) if you arent the president or treasurer Spend money without consulting your committee! Buy alcohol Buy something over £50 without a purchase order Spend more than you have… If you become overdrawn, your club will be suspended! Bring your fundraising money in separate bags if possible! Always check with your committee before making transactions Submit a trip/event planner before any events Be polite to staff! Check your balance regularly AyeNaw

19 Come into the Union office and ask for advice if you are uncertain about anything! Do

20 Now, we go over to our experts! Maria Ristimaki – PolSoc David Devereux - SUDS Imogen Mould – Charities Officer Wendy Forbes – Oracle of Knowledge

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