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Introduction to Event Planning Ant Scott Societies Officer.

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1 Introduction to Event Planning Ant Scott Societies Officer

2 Introduction & Context An Event Planning Pack must be completed for any and every event/social where there is some element of financial (selling tickets), reputational (external speakers) or physical (breathing fire) risk. Events cannot go ahead, and expenditure will not be permitted on events that have not been passed through this process. I ran on a manifesto to cut bureaucracy, so this process may be simplified by the time you go through it.

3 Event Planning Packs Event Planning Packs can be found You must complete all forms in the pack (usually 3-4 of them). Completed packs should be submitted to and saved in a “Handover folder” on your computer to pass to next year’s exec. Once submitted, Indy will call you in for a meeting with the Event Planning Committee where questions will be asked and the pack may be approved.


5 Documents within the Pack Planning Pack Financial Planner Event Ticketing Form External Guest Speaker Form (where appropriate) Tech Hire Request Form (where appropriate) Trip Registration Form (where appropriate)

6 The Planning Pack Basic details required for the front page If you lack information for any of the fields, email before submitting For some packs there will be a checklist on the second page. Follow this through step-by-step and you can’t go wrong! Risk Assessment is the most important part.

7 The Financial Planner The bit with all the numbers! Take notes!

8 The Financial Planner Does the event break even at 65%? Is sponsorship money confirmed? Are society funds acceptable for no. of attendees? Is there a minimum number? Golden question! Can you cut costs? o Student band performing (Big Band)? o Cheaper menu o Don’t print tickets o Reduce decorations budget

9 The Financial Planner Is travel included as a fixed cost? (It’s not a variable cost). Have you set aside enough money to publicise the event? Have you factored in security/stewarding costs? What are the “other entertainments”? No gift for the organisers! Maximum of half bottle of wine per person for balls Good practice to include a contingency in the budget

10 The Financial Planner Have you run the event before? What was attendance like last year? If you have increased capacity, then how has attendance been at your other events this year? Does the date clash with any other big events? o Can check this in the Resources Room Finally; is the ticket price acceptable for what you are providing?

11 Event Ticketing Form Needs to be completed where tickets are being sold on the SU website. Create the Event beforehand using the Admin Tools. NEED account name and code o Contact if you don’t know Include any special requests (do you want purchasers to give their dietary requirements upon purchase? etc.). Return to 5 days before sale date!

12 Other Forms Other Forms in the pack are straight forward. Any questions on the process, contact

13 Other tips Quotes It is important to obtain quotes for all aspects of the event and to include them in the pack. BUT you must not make any financial commitments. VAT When getting quotes, don’t forget to find out if your quote includes VAT. Contracts It is also important that you do not sign any contracts before your event has been approved, and certainly don’t pay any deposits. If the Event Planning Committee hasn’t signed off your event, you could end up personally liable for the costs because you signed!

14 Other tips Deadlines Balls – Week 8 of Term One Tours – Week 8 of Term One (or a whole term before) Trips – 4 weeks before Summits, Festivals and Forums – Week 8 of Term One (or a whole term before). The Event Planning Committee meet on Tuesdays 2pm-3:30pm and Wednesdays 10am-11am

15 Introduction to Event Planning End of session Note down and questions you may have now, and we’ll have time to go through them during the last session.

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