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Motivational Factors Benjamin Allen Armando Gutierrez.

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1 Motivational Factors Benjamin Allen Armando Gutierrez

2 What is Motivation? Motivation: process that leads people to behave as they do Goals, drives, and wants Commercials! Celebs

3 Our article Electric cars are becoming more mainstream Every automaker has one coming out this year Obama-54 gallon standard $7,500 tax credit Price is an issue though

4 Needs Utilitarian – Need for tangible attributes of the product Psychogenic –Need for status & power Hedonic – Need for excitement / self confidence Biogenic – Needs for air, water, food

5 Green Vehicles Car companies going greengreen Why buy them – Gas prices – Miles to the gallon – Image – Up to date – Environmentally friendly

6 Other Motivational Ads Carls jr. Carls Oldspice Dieting/exercisingexercising

7 What Strikes You What motivates you? Would you buy the oldspice? Do companies do a good job at trying to connect with your needs gap?

8 This Wasnt Our Info 160003/Electric-cars-automotive-technology 160003/Electric-cars-automotive-technology

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