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Crime Free Multi-Housing Program Eastern Ontario Landlord Organization March 30, 2005.

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1 Crime Free Multi-Housing Program Eastern Ontario Landlord Organization March 30, 2005

2 Presentation Overview History Current Status Explanation of the Program Future Expansion and the Potential Partnership with the EOLO

3 History Originated in Mesa Arizona 1992 –1400 cities across North America –90% reduction calls for service February 1997 - OPS initiated a ‘pilot program’ in partnership with Minto Developments Inc. –2 apartment buildings (500 units) –79% reduction of calls for service – first year –77% reduction to present date 1999 – expanded program to 4 Minto properties January 2004 – expanded program to 30 Minto properties

4 Current Status Currently there are 46 certified Minto buildings & 28 Communities (10,600 units) on the program –The Ottawa CFMHP is one of the largest programs in the world –Minto Developments Inc. received ‘CFMHP Landlord of the Year’ award in August 2004 OPS Executive have dedicated full time civilian position to the CFMHP Agreed to expand the program to other landlords within the city - in a controlled manner

5 How Does the Program Work? Multi-faceted approach to crime prevention geared specifically for the rental community. –Coalition of police, landlords and residents of participating rental communities Copyright program (Mesa Police) that utilizes a three phase certification process Comprehensive screening process Benefits of the program

6 Three Phase Certification Process Phase 1 – Landlord Management Training The police train the landlord (employees) in: understanding crime prevention, CPTED, resident selection, combating illegal activity and building partnerships Phase 2 – CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) Inspection The police conduct a CPTED audit of the building and grounds: Access control, surveillance and territorial reinforcement Minimum standard has to be met Phase 3 – Resident Safety Social Educate the residents in their role and provide crime prevention and safety awareness tips in the form of a safety social






12 Benefits for Landlords Potentially a more stable and satisfied resident base Lower maintenance and repair costs Improved property values Improved safety for owners and managers Community involvement – appreciative neighbours Marketing advantage Sharing of Information – improved communication Reduce liability - mitigate risk

13 Benefits for Residents A safer and more pleasant place to live Identify with owners and managers who care and make a difference Longer term residency – want to stay A ‘community’ environment where neighbours actually speak to each other An increased sense of personal ownership –Not just ‘my four walls’

14 Benefits for Police Reduced calls for service Cooperation and better relationship with owners, managers and residents for the purposes of crime prevention, detection and enforcement. Better communication - exchange of information Increased demands on police – ‘thinking outside the box’

15 Comprehensive Screening Process Landlord conducts a financial background check If possible, landlord conducts a reference check with previous landlords Before any new tenancy agreement is signed the landlord requires the applicant to retrieve a criminal background check

16 List of Prohibited Offences Sexual Offences / Public Morals and Disorderly Conduct Disorderly Houses / Gaming Betting Offences Against the Person Offences Against Rights to Property Offences Under the Controlled Drugs and Substance Act Convictions, warrants for past 5 years

17 Next Steps – Partnership? Expand the program to all landlords within Ottawa Requesting EOLO to: –Support and endorse the program –Assist with marketing to other landlords –Become an active partner On-going education Provide potential resources

18 Questions? Sgt. Bill VanRyswyk (613) 236-1222 ext 3885 Diane Larocque (613) 236-1222 ext 5182

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