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Cotton farmers love ladybirds. What is cotton? What is a cotton field?

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1 Cotton farmers love ladybirds

2 What is cotton?

3 What is a cotton field?

4 Cotton field

5 What insects might be found here?

6 Ladybird anatomy

7 Ladybird Lifecycle larva pupa adult eggs

8 How do ladybirds change?

9 Dont you agree? Ladybirds change a lot

10 Why would this be a good habitat for bugs?

11 And this?

12 Insects love the leafy green cotton plants for a meal and somewhere shady and moist to shelter from the heat

13 Thats why there are more than 1000 different types of insects living in a crop

14 But some of those insects are baddies who… Clemson University - USDA Cooperative Extension Slide Series,, United States Spread disease Destroy flower buds and cotton bolls Stop the plant making cotton

15 How has this caterpillar damaged this cotton boll? Photo by Jimmy Smith

16 Ladybirds eat some of the main pests of cotton.

17 like mealybugs

18 two-spotted mites photo by C. Mares CSIRO

19 and aphids

20 and more aphids yumm

21 Wanted! Ladybirds

22 Credits This presentation has been produced by Cotton Australia to support the unit Cotton Farmers love ladybirds Teachers are free to adapt this PowerPoint for individual, not-for-profit classroom use. Thank you to Trudy Staines (Cotton Research and Development Corporation) and Sandra Williams (CSIRO) for their valuable input. Image Credits Slide 2, 3,4, 5, 10, 12, 22: Cotton Australia Slide 7: Eggs - San Martin Gilles Slide 14: Clemson University Slide 15: Jimmy Smith Slide 17: Guido Bohne Slide 18: C. Mares, CSIRO

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